Physics 1a - Energy

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Physics 1a - Energy
1 Heat Radiation
1.1 Transferred by Infrared Radiation(IR)
1.2 Emitted by solids, liquid and gases
1.3 Any object can absorb or emit IR
1.4 Bigger difference between the object and surrounding
1.4.1 Faster Heat transfer
1.5 Emitted from surface
1.5.1 Can feel IR up close
1.6 Dark, matt surfaces absorb better
1.6.1 Than shiny, silver surfaces
2 Kinetic Theory
2.1 Three states of matter
2.1.1 Solid Strong forces hold particles close together Not much energy
2.1.2 Liquid Weaker forces of attraction Particles move at low speeds
2.1.3 Gas Hardly any forces of attraction Lots of energy
2.2 Give a state of matter more energy....
2.2.1 Solids melt
2.2.2 Liquids boil
3 Conduction of Heat
3.1 factors affecting rate of heat transfer
3.1.1 surface area
3.1.2 Mass
3.1.3 type of material
3.1.4 contact with conductor or insulator
3.2 Free electrons in metals
3.3 Smaller gaps between particles = conducts better
3.3.1 Better if denser
4 Convection
4.1 Liquids and gases only
4.1.1 Solid particles can't move so no convection
4.2 Energetic particals move from hotter region to colder region
4.3 The radiator uses convection
5 Condensation and Evapouration
5.1 Condensation is gas to liquid
5.1.1 Particles slow down In contact with cold surfaces
5.1.2 Steam on a mirror
5.2 Evapouration is liquid to gas
5.2.1 Particles gain heat energy
5.2.2 Particles have to have enough energy to escape
6 Energy efficiency in the home
6.1 Cavity wall insulation
6.2 Loft insulation
6.3 Draught-proofing
6.4 Hot water tank jacket
6.5 thick curtains
7 Specific Heat Capacity
7.1 Amount of energy stuff can store
7.2 Energy = mass x SHC x temp change
7.3 units - J/kgdegreesC
7.4 Heaters have high heat capacity to store loads of energy
8 Energy Transfer
8.1 Energy can be transferred usefully from one form to another, stored or dissipated - but can never be created or destroyed
9 Efficiency of machines
10 Sankey Diagram
11 Cost of Electricity
12 Choosing Electrical Appliances
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