Waiting for Godot

Georgia Taylor
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Waiting for Godot
1.1 V&E
1.1.1 Dependency
1.1.2 Characters interchangable e.g. epanalepsis, repetition
1.1.3 Competitive double act e.g. stichomythia
1.1.4 'Didi' and 'Gogo' affectionate, clown like names
1.1.5 Everyman
1.1.6 Conflict to prolong time
1.2 P&L
1.2.1 Master-Slave
1.2.2 Reliant on each other, more so seen in Act II
1.2.3 Pozzo indulges in bodily pleasures (eating, smoking) Lucky expresses intellectual and aesthetic persuits
1.2.4 Lucky comfortable with existance, no expectations, structured, repetitive, no waiting
2.1 Circularity
2.2 Choices
2.3 Absurdity
2.4 Suffering
2.5 Time
2.6 Existence
2.6.1 trivial?
2.7 Friendship
2.8 Uncertainty
2.9 Religion
3.1 Act II
3.1.1 Vladimir's Speech Allegory- symbolic narrative Questioning, cartesian, breaching fourth wall Stronger sense of time & memory?
3.1.2 Pozzo's Speech Paradox between allegory that life is too short but days are too long Past to present tense, present= current predicament
3.2 Act I- Lucky's Speech
3.2.1 Flouts every maxim
3.2.2 1. Callous God 2. Man wastes 3. Inhospitable Earth 4. Man diminishes in inhospitable world
3.2.3 Release of repression
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