Narrative Writing

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Narrative Writing
1 Who is telling the story?
1.1 First person (I)
1.2 Third person (He, she, it)
2 Plot
2.1 Connection between different events that show cause and effect
2.2 Remember chronology
2.2.1 Mixing up the events of the story makes it more interesting but it still needs to make sense
2.3 (Start at a) Flashback(s)
2.3.1 Good for capturing attention of reader
2.4 In the exam make a plan (bullet points) so you don't get lost
3 Characters
3.1 Have one or two main characters
3.1.1 Don't have too many
3.1.2 Only give names to important characters
3.2 Make all characters distinctive
3.2.1 Physical/personality traits
3.2.2 Make sure they talk like you want them to
4 Setting
4.1 Unusual settings make the story interesting
4.2 Use all five senses to describe the setting
4.3 Don't describe it all at once
5 Starting the story
5.1 Action
5.2 Speech
5.3 Description of a person or place
6 Literary devices to use
6.1 Metaphor
6.2 Simile
6.3 Onomatopoeia
6.4 Alleration

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