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How to do titrations
1 1) Add a known volume of alkali into a conical flask using a pipette
1.1 2) Add a few drops of indicator ( Phenolphthalein / Methyl orange)
1.1.1 3) Pour some acid into a burette, and record the reading (meniscus) 4) Open the tap ,add a small amount of acid and swirl the conical flask to mix 5) add acid until the solution is neutral as shown by the colour chnage in the indicator 6) Repeat (3 times)
2 may be used to determin the volumes of acid and alkali needed to mwke a neutral salt solution OR to determine the conentration of an acid or alkali , if the concentration of the other react is known
4 MENISCUS -- curve in the surface of a liquid
4.1 The burette and pipette used in accurte titrations must be read from the bottom of the meniscus.......precision of burette reading is +/- 0.05 cm3
5 Calculations
5.1 concentration in g/dm3 = mass in g / volume in dm3
5.2 concentration in g/dm3 = amount in moles / volume in dm3
5.2.1 eg 40g in 500 cm3 what is the concentraion in moles /dm3 500/1000 = 0.5........40 / 0.5 = 80 so it is 2moles/dm3
5.3 to convert volume from cm to dm divide by 1000 and vice versa
5.4 concentration of a solution can be measured in moles per dm3
5.5 acid = alkali (concentration x volume)
5.5.1 eg ... a titration is done where 25.0 cm3 of acid is placed into a conical flask. the concentration of the acid is not known. The acid was neutralised with 13.5 cm3 of sodium hydroxide of concentraion of 0.10moles/dm3. calculate the concentraion in moles/dm3 of acid. assume that 1 mole of sodium hydroxide reacts completely with 1 mole of acid ?x25 = 0.1 x 13.5 --- 1.35 1.35 / 25 = 0.054 mol/dm3
6 acid usually put in burette.... alkali usually in conical flask.... standard volume is 25cm3
6.1 Phenolphthalein is pink when alkali and colourless when acidic

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