Places of Worship and Baptism

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Samantha Hepworth
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GCSE RS Mind Map on Places of Worship and Baptism, created by Samantha Hepworth on 06/03/2014.

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Places of Worship and Baptism
  1. Roman Catholic Church
    1. formed after first major split of church
      1. Christians in west - Rome and area
      2. mainly infant baptisms
        1. known as 'christening'
          1. Godparents and parents make promises
            1. babies baptised to cleanse them of 'original sin'
              1. sign of cross on forehead
                1. In name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit
                2. annointed with oil
                3. teenagers can get 'confirmed' after baptism
                4. Orthodox Church
                  1. mainly in the east
                    1. Greek Orthodox
                      1. Russian Orthodox
                      2. considered oldest Christian denomination
                        1. stay true to original first church
                          1. ornate interior
                            1. iconostasis
                              1. screen to separate congregation from altar
                                1. lots of paintings or icons on it
                                  1. Royal Doors through to Sanctuary
                                  2. Sanctuary - behind screen
                                    1. altar here
                                      1. communion bread kept in tabernacle
                                  3. Infant baptisms
                                    1. to cleanse baby from 'original sin'
                                      1. annointed with chrism oil
                                        1. full immersion in water
                                          1. three times
                                            1. Father, Son, Holy Spirit
                                      2. Baptist Church
                                        1. Believers' baptism
                                          1. baptised as adults
                                            1. or teenagers
                                              1. old enough to make own decision
                                            2. baptistry pool inside most churches
                                              1. often beneath floor
                                                1. covered over most of time
                                                  1. opened up for baptisms
                                                  2. full immersion in pool
                                                    1. In name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit
                                                      1. candidate often gives 'testimony' first
                                                        1. talk about how they became a Christian
                                                    2. 'dedications' done for babies
                                                      1. Non-conformist
                                                        1. separated from Catholic and Anglican denominations in Reformation
                                                      2. Anglican Church
                                                        1. Church of England
                                                          1. Formed in 1530s under Henry VIII
                                                          2. usually traditional
                                                            1. traditional appearance
                                                              1. traditional services
                                                              2. Infant baptism is the norm
                                                                1. Christening
                                                                  1. parents and Godparents make promises
                                                                    1. Baptism font
                                                                      1. sign of cross drawn on forehead in water
                                                                        1. in name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit
                                                                      2. can be 'confirmed' later
                                                                        1. as teenager
                                                                          1. or adult
                                                                          2. by Bishop
                                                                        2. can be baptised as adult
                                                                          1. if never baptised before
                                                                        3. Methodist Church
                                                                          1. non-conformist church
                                                                            1. broke away from Anglican church
                                                                            2. Membership services
                                                                              1. when joining church
                                                                                1. three expectations of members
                                                                                  1. to attend church regularly
                                                                                    1. to be part of a group which supports each other
                                                                                      1. to give to the church financially
                                                                                    2. individual churches can choose to prefer either infant baptism or believer's baptism
                                                                                      1. community-minded
                                                                                        1. lots of charity and community events
                                                                                          1. non alcoholic wine in communion
                                                                                            1. in support of early church members
                                                                                              1. often from poor families
                                                                                                1. poverty often led to alcohol abuse
                                                                                                  1. which also often led to violence
                                                                                          2. Pentecostal Church
                                                                                            1. Non-conformist church
                                                                                              1. often modern and lively services
                                                                                                1. worship is often 'spirit led'
                                                                                                2. do not baptise infants
                                                                                                  1. dedications instead
                                                                                                  2. Believers' baptism
                                                                                                    1. testimonies given
                                                                                                      1. adults and teenagers
                                                                                                        1. able to make own choice
                                                                                                        2. full immersion in water
                                                                                                          1. Father, Son and Holy Spirit
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