Specific topic 7.6 Timber (processes)


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T Andrews
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Specific topic 7.6 Timber (processes)
  1. 7.6.1 Cutting and shaping processes
    1. Sawing
      1. Bag press
        1. Routing
          1. Mortising
          2. 7.6.2 Scale of production
            1. One-off
              1. Continuous
                1. Batch
                  1. Mass production
                  2. 7.6.3 Quality production
                    1. Marking-out methods
                      1. Jigs
                        1. Efficient cutting to minimise waste
                          1. Working within tolerance
                            1. Quality control
                              1. Fixtures
                                1. Patterns
                                  1. Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM)
                                    1. Sub-assembly
                                      1. Templates
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