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Ancient China
1 Geography
1.1 China called themselves the middle kingdom
1.2 grasslands
1.3 subtropical rainforests
1.4 deserts
1.5 mountainous terrain
1.6 North East to Europe
1.7 in Asia
1.8 North East to Europe
1.9 North West to Australia
1.10 Rivers
1.10.1 Yellow River known as the cradle of Chinese civilisation provided ancient China with rich soils
1.10.2 Yangtzee River
1.11 Their Geographical isolation was advantageous for wars
1.11.1 barriers Gobi Desert Himalayas Tibetan plateu Great Wall of China East, North and yellow sea
2 Society
2.1 Emperor
2.1.1 Mandarin Scholars Peasants Artsians Merchants Slaves treated inhumanely despised, could be rich farmers, very honourable
2.1.2 considered a god
2.1.3 Qin Shi Huangdi feared the intellectals murdered 400 scholars responsible for the death of 2 million slaves and artsians burned any books that contradicted his beliefs
2.1.4 blamed for bad harvest, natural disasters, huge tax
2.1.5 responsible for miilitary, his peoples wellbeing and creator of all laws
2.1.6 head of a dynasty Dynasty is family thatt rules over china
2.2 Women
2.2.1 inferior to men
2.2.2 head of domestic duties
2.2.3 regulations on how they could act
2.2.4 the richer the women the less respected
2.2.5 foot binded
2.3 the more contributed to society the more respected you were
3 Legacy
3.1 Inventions
3.1.1 paper
3.1.2 crossbows tea silk seismograph
3.1.3 Compass
3.1.4 Alcohol
3.1.5 porcelin
3.2 Qin Shi Huangdi
3.2.1 written script
3.2.2 Terracotta Warriors
3.2.3 Great Wall Of China
3.2.4 weight & measurement scale
3.3 Confucinism
3.3.1 both are still practised today Daoism
3.4 Art of War by Sun Tzu
4 Beliefs and values
4.1 Polythesitic
4.1.1 Buddhsim suffering was caused by desire could reach nirvana through the 8 fold path
4.2 Confucianism
4.2.1 Women were inferior to men
4.2.2 family values
4.2.3 education = life
4.3 Daoism
4.4 Oracle Bones
4.4.1 wrote down question on bone heated rock until it cracked read cracks
4.5 Ancestors
4.5.1 Made offerrings shrines
4.6 death
4.6.1 believed in an afterlife burial very important
4.6.2 mummification took placed
4.6.3 concubines and servants could be buried with teh emperoro
5 Government and Law
5.1 Punishments
5.1.1 Major crime=execution usually buried alive
5.1.2 whipped with bamboo stick
5.1.3 dismembered
5.1.4 flaying
5.1.5 Ling Chi
5.1.6 Exile
5.2 After the first emperor unified China he created a government system that lasted for 2k
5.3 Enter text here
5.4 Emperor was the dictator
5.4.1 created all rules
5.4.2 enforced punishments
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