9.1 Transport in the xylem of plants

Steve Harton
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DP IB Biology (09 Plant Biology) Mind Map on 9.1 Transport in the xylem of plants, created by Steve Harton on 06/05/2014.

Steve Harton
Created by Steve Harton over 5 years ago
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9.1 Transport in the xylem of plants
1.1 Use models as representations of the real world
1.1.1 Water transport in the xylem using apparatus and materials that show similarities in structure to plant tissues Models of water transport in xylem Blotting or filter paper Filter paper Porous pots Capillaries tubing Potometers Effect of temperature or humidity on transpiration rates
2 Transpiration
2.1 Water from the roots to the leaves to replace losses from evaporation
2.1.1 Active uptake of mineral ions in the roots causes absorption of water by osmosis Cohesive vs Adhesive properties of water Structure of the xylem vessels Measurement of stomatal apertures and the distribution of stomata using leaf casts
2.2 Drawing the structure of primary xylem vessels in sections of stems based on microscope images
2.2.1 Aim 7 Image processing software and digital microscopes increases further the ability to gather more data to ensure reliability
3 Adaptations of plants
3.1 Deserts
3.2 Saline soils for water conservation

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