what is a cell?

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Created by walton.amy over 5 years ago
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what is a cell?
1 bacteria
1.1 flexible cell wall, do not have a nucleus, two types of DNA, plasmid ans chromosomal
1.1.1 some have flagellum, tails that help them move
2 just plants
2.1 cell wall
2.1.1 strengthens cell
2.2 chloroplasts
2.2.1 contain chlorophyll which absorb light enegy for photosynthesis
2.3 permanent vacuole
2.3.1 filled with cell sap to keep the cell turgid
3 animals and plants
3.1 nucleus
3.1.1 controlls cell activity, contains genetic info
3.2 cytoplasm
3.2.1 most chemical processes take place here controlled by enzymes
3.3 cell membrane
3.3.1 controls movement of substances in and out of cells
3.4 mitochondria
3.4.1 most energy is released by respiration here
3.5 ribosomes
3.5.1 protein synthesis happens here
4 microscopes
4.1 created in 1590
4.1.1 used for aprox 350 years
4.1.2 by Hans, Janssen and Zacharias
4.1.3 light microscopes magnify x 1,500
4.1.4 electric microscopes magnify x 2 million
4.1.5 length of object = length of magnified object / magnification
5 all have a nucleus, cell membrane cytoplasm, mitochondria, and ribosoms

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