Ontological Arument

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Things which may help for the Ontological Argument (Not everything though!)

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Strengths and Weaknesses of the Ontological Argument
Ontological Arument
1 Necessary Existence
1.1 God is required to exist by Definition
1.1.1 To deny his existence would be absurd
1.2 God is a being 'greater' than everything so therefore it is absurd to thing he wouldn't exist.
1.2.1 Anselm
2 2 Strengths of the argument
2.1 It is deductive.
2.1.1 If valid it will be proof for both believer for both believer and athiest.
2.2 Even an Atheist can believe that the concept of God is greater than everything, even if he doesn't believe it.
3 Weakness of the Argument
3.1 How can God be Omniscient?
3.1.1 He cannot know out future choices due to free will.
4 The Triangle Analogy
4.1 The Necessary essence of a triangle is having three sides
4.2 The essence of perfection is existence, as it wouldn't be perfect if it didn't exist
4.3 The same way that the part of being a triangle is to have 3 sides, the part of being God is to exist.

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