Small Scale Event Permit ApplicationProcess

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Small Scale Event Permit ApplicationProcess
1 Inquiry
1.1 Sent to NCC Event Permits Email
1.1.1 Filed into "New Applications" folder. Often sent by the contact center. Assure that the client has paid before proceeding with the file Time: 1-2 Days
1.2 Application Print Off
1.2.1 Lakshna/Andrea Printed off with the date received and event date outlined on the top Time: 1 day
1.2.2 Tentative File Establishment Lakshna/Andrea Event included in the Network, Outlook Calendar and CRM tracking sheet. Submitted application and supporting documents are included in the event file. Check for event overlap to address if needed Time: 1 Day Consultation/Detail Confirmation Lakshna Calls client to confirm details such as: location, date, times, infrastructures, electrical access etc,. Time: 2-3 Days Create Permit # Lakshna/Andrea Generated in IAMIS. Added to CRM tracking sheet Time: 1 Day Site specifications and requirements Tiera Line locates, road closures, barricade plans, traffic management plans, grass cuts, sprinkler head locates are all determined Time: Up to 1 week Confirmation with Contractors (if applicable) Tiera and/or Sylvie Details of work to be done gets confirmed and organized with contractors Time: 2-3 Days 'Considerations' Development Lakshna Email sent with confirmation of event, details of the event, and next steps to finalize the permit process Time: 1 day Currently: 1-2 weeks before event Ideally: 3 weeks before event (minimum) Receive Payment/Insurance Lakshna/Andrea When payment/insurance is received, it is then included in the CRM tracking sheet and the Receivables folder of the NCC email Time: 2-3 Days Currently: n/a Ideally: 3 weeks before event Draft Permit Lakshna/Andrea Permit is generated in IAMIS according to the considerations sent out Time: 1 day Currently: 1-2 weeks before event Ideally: 3 weeks before event Draft Editing Process Sylvie Event details and 'Schedule B' are reviewed and edited with further confirmed details Time: 1 Day Finalized Unsigned Permit Lakshna/Andrea Draft is edited with changes. Final copy is printed to be given to sign Time: 1 Day Currently: 1-2 weeks before event Ideally: 3 weeks before event Permit sent to client for signing Lakshna/Andrea Email is sent to client with permit attached for clients signature Time: 1-3 Days Currently: week of event Ideally: 2-3 weeks before event Permit is returned Lakshna/Andrea Permit is returned and printed off Time: 1 Day NCC Staff signing Sylvie/Bruce Signatures by NCC finalize the document Time: 1 Day Payment/Insurance Confirmation Lakshna/Andrea Checking for all necessary documents, payments (including performance bond) and insurance before finally sending out the final permit. If missing, client is contacted for immediate action Time: 1 Day Final Permit Sent to Client Lakshna/Andrea Scanned and sent via email Time: 1 Day Currently: week of event Ideally: 2-3 weeks before event EVENT Post-Event Tiera Only if required, but rare at this scale Time: Right after the Event Repair Work/Site Rehabilitation Tiera/Contractors Process occurs the same as large scale, only if damages have been made Time: Undetermined Monitoring Report Tiera and Monitoring Officers Process occurs the same as large scale, only if necessary Time: 5 Days Closure of Event Lakshna Event is finally closed on IAMIS Time: 1 Day Pre-event (if needed)
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