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The effects of consumerism in society

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1 Technology
1.1 Ethnocentrism
1.1.1 Technology has negative and positive effects on the environment "We need to talk about toilets" Negatively effects the social systems in place for people in underdeveloped countries as we begin to assume that we are superior because our bathrooms and toilets are more advanced
1.1.2 The learned belief held by people who feel that their cultural group is superior to other cultural groups Page 297 of Textbook
1.1.3 Sociology
1.2 Hyperculture
1.2.1 Rate of change in modern technology Page 108 of Textbook
1.2.2 "The Human Cost of Speed" article Western societies are living in a hyper culture that demands speed which puts pressure and stress on relationships and people. Now as consumers we must figure out a way to either slow down or redesign life to accommodate itself to faster times.
2 Social Change, cause and effects
2.1 Feminist Theory
2.1.1 Focuses on sex and gender issues. Women are typically discriminated against by men. Page 30 of Textbook
2.1.2 Dove Ad campaign Female consumers are being exploited by ad campaigns as too much importance is placed on appearance and enhancing our appearance through products Symbolic Interactionism theory can be applied because individuals choose how they will act based on their perceptions of themselves and of others. Self image is developed through the family and peers
2.1.3 Sociology
2.2 Invention
2.2.1 New products, ideas, and social patterns that affect the way people live Page 42 of Textbook
2.2.2 Anthropology
2.2.3 "Coltan, Congo and Your Cellphone" Connects to technology and how consumers are no longer able to live without cellphones as they affect the way we live in modern society. Therefore, there is a disregard for exploitation in cell phone manufacturing.
2.3 Diffusion
2.3.1 The spread of ideas, methods, symbols, and tools from one culture to another Page 42 of Textbook
2.3.2 Anthropology
2.3.3 "Can vegans stomach the unpalatable truth about quinao?" Bolivians can no longer afford their traditional food because in recent years it has been in high demand. Western consumers are buying high amounts of quinoa which raises the price for Bolivians.
2.4 Cognitive Dissonance Theory
2.4.1 Psychology
2.4.2 People try to avoid conflicts between what they think and what they know Page 43 of Textbook Media and advertising: Psychologists routinely work for advertising agencies to create effective marketing campaigns. Dove Ad campaign "Real Beauty Sketches" Understands psychology and persuasion as strangers may be more effective in changing a person's attitude or about the way they feel about themself
3 Demography
3.1 Baby boomers
3.1.1 A demographic phase marked by an increase in the birth rate of a country, and a corresponding population increase Page 144 of Textbook
3.1.2 "Why millenials suck" video Millenials are viewed as awful judgmental people who are consumed by modern technology but the baby boomer generation stripped our earth of natural resources to produce newer technology for consumers
3.1.3 Sociology
3.2 Ethnography
3.2.1 Anthropology
3.2.2 "The Last Nomads" Documentary Explores how consumers ruined the pattern of nomadic life for pacific islanders because their land has been invaded and is being stripped of natural resources that nomads depend on to survive
3.2.3 The scientific study of human races and cultures Page 10 of Textbook
4 Globalization and Inequality
4.1 Structural Funtionalism
4.1.1 Tension and adaption Page 27 of textbook "If Walmart paid its employees a living wage.." video The employees of Walmart on average make $8.81 an hour in the US. Therefore, most employees earn so little that they qualify for food stamps. Therefore a raise in minimum wage would create tension but members of society would try to reduce this tensions because it cannot be constant, so other aspects would adapt. If employees were paid more Walmart would initially lose money but studies in the Walmart video show that the employees would end up spending the majority of their money conveniently at Walmart
4.1.2 Assumed that any society that is "modern" is industrial and capitalist in nature
4.1.3 Sociology
4.2 Exploitation
4.2.1 Treating someone unfairly to benefit from their work
4.2.2 "Bangladesh and the garment industry" The rights of sweatshop workers are abused and neglected in order to complete garments for exportation to Western consumers
4.2.3 Sociology
4.2.4 Conflict theory applies because the conflict exists between groups because of inequalities in power. The wealthy businesses hold all the power over the poor sweatshop workers
4.3 Sphere of Influence
4.3.1 The area of which a society has economic and cultural influence Page 327 of Textbook
4.3.2 "Gasland" documentary Fracking has ruined the land for people living in areas where fracking methods are being used to retrieve oil. Consumers ignore the effects that society is enforcing on people affected by fracking even after learning that they have no clean water and the cowboy lifestyle is being threatened for current and future generations

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