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Le Pays (countries)L'Australie - AustraliaLa France - FranceL'Angleterre - EnglandLa Nouvelle - Zélande - New ZealandLa Chine - ChinaLe Japon - JapanL'Italie - ItalyLa Belique - BelgiumLes Pay - Bays - NetherlandsL'Allemagne - Germany

La Russie - RussiaLa Suisse - SwitzerlandLe Canada - CanadaLes Etats - Unis - USAL'Espagne - SpainLa Gréce - GreeceL'Irlande - IrlandL'Inde - India

Tips and Things To remember If it is L' than it is feminen the only two masculin are Le Japon and Le Canada France, Canada are spelt same in english and french Japan has just an 'o' instead of an 'a' difference at the end La Gréce and La Nouvelle - Zélande both have accents Both USA and the Netherland are plural

CountryAustraliaFranceEnglandNew ZelandeChinaJapanItalyBelguimNetherlandRussiaSwitzerlandCanadaUSASpainGreeceIrlandIndien

Masculinaustrelienfrancaisanglaisneo - zelandaischinoisjaponaisitalienbelgenier landaisrusseswissecannadienamericanespagnolgrecirlandaisindien

Femininaustreliennefrancaiseanglaiseneo - zelandaisechinoisejaponaiseitaliennebelgenier landaiserusseswissecannadienamericaineespagnolegrecqueirlandaiseindienne

Tips and Rules ends in n add ne ends in s add e if its swisse russe it stays the same

Je suis - IamTu es - you areil est - he iselle est - she isnous somme - we arevous etes - you are (plural/ formalils sont - they are (talking about a group of just boys or boys and girls)elles sont - they are (talking about just girls)

Le Pays

Les Nationalities


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