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when an object is moved by a force, we say work is done on the object. The work transfers energy to the objectWORK DONE=ENERGY TRANSFERRED.

this is the equation to tell us the work done by a force and distance done (j) = force(N) x distance moved(m)

kinetic energy = 0.5 x mass x speed2 

Elastic potential energy is stored when you stretch an elastic band.  for example. elastic potential energy is the energy stored in an elastic object when work is done on it to change its shape.

momentum is mass x velocity

momentum= mass x velocity 

to find the momentum before a collison you do ; massx velocity. To find the momentum after a collison you add both the masses and then times by the answer you got in the previous question and then you divide that answer by the momentum of both masses 

crumple zones at the front and back of the car are to lessen the force of an impact. The force changes the momentum of the car.The front=momentum reducedThe back=momentum is increased

energy and work

kinetic energy


Change in momentum