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this is the plot explained for the story of romeo and juliet
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Romeo and juliet notes 

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Romeo and Juliet - prologue   It mention some of the main events of the story such as the overview of fighting between two houses which are the montague and capulet. The prologue also mentioned about two star crossed lovers who will mend the fight between the two families in Verona were the lay is set. It also shows that these two lovers are the main characters of the play The audience can now know the main parts of the play.   Romeo and Juliet act 1 scene 1   Romeo is lovesick with roseline. Sampson and Gregory start a fight with the montagues. Benvolio tries to make peace between the two houses. Benvolio, a kinsman to montague, ends up fighting as well with tybalt who is a kinsman to capulet. Montague and capulet fight a fierce battle and citizens of Verona are watching. Prince comes and stopped the battle. He says that if there is a battle between the two houses again, someone will die. Lady montague asks benvolio where Romeo is. Benvolio says that he has been wandering off alone into the sycamores.   Romeo and Juliet - characters   Benvolio - a peacemaker in trying to stop the battle from happening but he bats involved too by tybalt. He is a kinsman to montague. Romeo - he is lovesick with rosaline but roseline does not love him back. Prince - stopped the fight and issues the threat of execution to montagues and capulets if there is fighting again. Sampson - he wants to kill montagues and he bites his finger at the montagues which starts a fight between the capulets and the montagues. He wants to sexually abuse the montague women and kill them by beheading them. Gregory - is surprised by the hatred between Sampson hatred to the montagues. He talks similar to Samson but he is not aggressive. Tybalt - tybalt hates the word peace and he wants to fight the montagues. He is a kinsmen to the capulet family. Abraham - he is a kinsmen to the capulet family and he gets angry when capulet bite their thumb at him. lady and lord capulet - he wants to fight by his wife stopped him. Lady and lord montague - same as the lord and lady capulet, the men want to fight but they are stopped by their wives.   Romeo and Juliet - act 1 scene 1 themes   Hate Conflict Love Violence   Romeo and Juliet quotes - Act 1 Scene 1   “O loving hate, O brawling love”. This is an oxymoron, this is when one emotion is next to it’s opposite.   “The heads of the maids - i'll cut them off”. Sampson   “Turn thee Benvolio, look at thy death”. Tybalt   “Peace, i hate the word as i hate all montagues as well”. Tybalt   Romeo and Juliet - Act one scene 2   Paris asks lord Capulet for his blessing to marry Juliet. Lord capulet says that Juliet is too young besides she is not 14 yet. Paris is invited to the party at capulet's house. Lord capulet lets Paris woo Juillet and if she wants to marry him then he has his blessing. Lord capulet then sends a servant who can’t read or write to find all the guest. The servant interrupts romeo and Benvolio talking. He asks romeo to read the guest list. Roseline is on the list so he wants to go to the party but he is unsure whether to go or not. The servant invites to the party not knowing that he is a montague. Benvolio says that this is a good idea to go to the party so that you can examine the other girl's in the city of verona.   Romeo and Juliet - Act one scene 2 characters   Benvolio  - he decided that romeo needs to forget rosaline and move on to someone else. Romeo - is unsure whether he should interrupt the party and see other girls since he is still loves roseline. Paris - he wants to marry Juliet and is pleading to lord capulet to let him. Lord capulet - decides to give his blessing if Juliet wants to marry count paris but he thinks that Juliet is too young to marry yet. Peter - he is the servant who can’t read or write and invites romeo to the party at capulet's house.   Romeo and Juliet Act 1 scene 2 quotes     “And too soon marred are those so early made” lord capulet   “Younger than she are happy mothers made” paris     “God gi' god-den. I pray, sir, can you read?” servant   Themes in romeo and juliet act one scene two   Love Friendship Marriage Fate   Romeo and Juliet - Act one scene 3   Juliet finds out about Paris wanting to marry her. Nurse talks on about how juliet childhood was. Lady capulet wants juliet to marry paris. Juliet does not want to get married Juliet is closer to the nurse than the mother. The mother does not like nurse telling stories of Juliet's childhood. The nurse finds paris hot. The servant comes and tells lady capulet that the feast is about to begin.   Romeo and juliet characters - Act one Scene three   Lady capulet - she wants juliet to marry Paris Nurse - Is happy that her wish is about to come true that she will see Juliet marry and that she will marry count paris who she thinks is hot. Juliet - Juliet does not want to marry as she is too young and she is not in love with paris.   Romeo and Juliet quotes - Act one Scene three   Nay, he’s a flower. In faith, a very flower. Nurse   Enough of this. I pray thee, hold thy peace. lady capulet   And stint thou too, I pray thee, Nurse, say I. Julliet   “It’s an honour I dream not of” Julliet   Romeo and Juliet themes - Act one Scene 3   Love   Marriage   Romeo and Juliet - Act 1 Scene 4   Romeo, benvolio, mercutio are near capulet's house. They are about to break into the party but romeo is having doubts on going or not. Mercutio talks about a dream of Queen mab Benvolio keeps on reminding them that they are late to the party. Romeo senses that something bad is going to happen. Romeo them goes on with the rest of the people to the party.   Characters romeo and juliet - Act one scene 4   Benvolio - Keeps on reminding them that they are late to the party. Mercutio - Talks about a dream to romeo about the queen Mab and how he shows hatred to women. Romeo - has doubts of going and he thinks that something bad is going to happen but he goes to the party.   Key quotes   “ Thou talk’st of nothing” romeo “ I dreamt a dream to-night” romeo “Strike drum” benvolio   Themes   Jokes Dreams friendship   Key scenes - act one scene five   They are in capulet's party and they are invited by lord capulet. Romeo forgets about rosaline when he meets juliet. Romeo goes up to juliet and tells her to kiss him. She is reluctant but soon after she does. Tybalt is angry that romeo is there and he is going to ruin his party. Lord capulet does not want tybalt to be angry. Romeo and juliet are ashamed that they are from different houses   Key characters   Juliet - she is reluctant when romeo asks her to kiss him but later she does. She is sad that he is a montague. Romeo - He is now in love with juliet and he has forgot about romeo. He is unhappy that she is a capulet. Lord capulet - invites people to the party and is angry with tybalt that he wants to slay romeo in his party. Tybalt - He is angry that romeo has come to the party without invitation and he wants to kill him. Nurse called juliet because her mother wants her and she tells romeo that she is a capulet.   Key quotes   “For i ne’er saw true beauty till this night” “Is she a capulet” “Tis he that villain romeo”   Key themes   Love Hate Conflict Fate Violence

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Prologue  - Act 2 The Chorus delivers another short sonnet describing the new love between Romeo and Juliet: the hatred between the lovers’ families makes it difficult for them to find the time or place to meet and let their passion grow; but the prospect of their love gives each of them the power and determination to elude the obstacles placed in their path.   Act 2 scene 1 - key themes   Romeo skips over the orchard wall. Mercutio uses dirty joke to get romeo’s attention Romeo does not reply. Mercutio, benvolio and the others leave him Benvolio tells mercutio to stop as it won’t make him move or speak.   Act 2 scene 1 characters   Benvolio - tells mercutio that he would not listen to him Mercutio - tries to get romeo’s attention by telling him roseline is ready for sex Romeo - leaps over the orchard wall and he goes to Juliet ignoring the jokes from mercutio.   Themes of act 2 scene 1   Love Individual vs society   Act 2 scene 2 key scenes   This is the famous balcony scene. Romeo hides in the bushes and sees her in the bedroom. Juliet goes out in the canopy. Juliet talks to herself and she does not know that Romeo is hidden in the bushes. Romeo talks to himself and he exclaimed on her beauty. Romeo then shows home self out to Juliet and he tells her that she is the love of his life. Juliet wants Romeo to go away because if any of the capsules kinsmen sees him they will kill him. Romeo says that he will change his name so that he can love her more. He says that he will no longer be a montague. Juliet wants Romeo to swear on his love on her. Romeo proposes to juliet. Romeo swears on his life to show his love on juliet. Romeo and Juliet agree to get married and Romeo will send news the next day.   Characters act 2 scene 2   Romeo - he is in love with Juliet and he will even change his name for Juliet. Juliet - she is scream that the kinsmen of the capulet will see Romeo and they will kill him. She is surprised that Romeo was hiding out in the bushes and she agrees to marry Romeo after Romeo swears his love on her.   Key quotes   “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?”. Juliet   “If they do see thee they will murder thee”. Juliet   “With love’s light wings did I o'erperch these walls”. Romeo   “By love, that first did prompt me to inquire”. Romeo   “Parting is such sweet sorrow”. Juliet   Themes   Love   Act 2 scene 3 - Key scenes   Romeo goes to see friar lawrence's cell to get him and juliet married Friar lawrence is picking herbs outside and he is surprised that romeo is awake at this time. Friar lawrence is more surprised that romeo has forgotten rosaline in a short amount of time and he is further surprised when romeo wants to get married to juliet today! Friar lawrence agreed with this marriage but still remarks on roseline disappearance in romeo’s mind.   Key characters   Romeo - is asking friar lawrence to marry him and juliet and he is annoyed that friar lawrence is surprised so much that he has moved so quickly from roseline to the rich capulet's daughter Juliet. Friar Lawrence - Is surprised that romeo has forgotten roseline so quickly. He is further shocked as romeo has asked to marry him and Juliet. He agrees as he thinks that it will end the strife between the two families.   Key quotes   “ That last is true; the sweeter rest was mine” romeo “ I have forgot that name, and that name's woe” romeo “Riddling confession finds but riddling shrift” friar lawrence “ Holy Saint Francis, what a change is here!” friar lawrence   Key scenes Act 2 scene 4   Benvolio and mercutio are talking about the letter that tybalt sent to romeo’s house and how romeo left them in the night after they broke into the capulet's party. Mercutio contemplates on tybalt's swordsman and how tybalt is really good  with a sword and how he has the name the ‘king of cats’. Romeo comes and mercutio and romeo joke about each other. Nurse comes with a slave and  mercutio angers the nurse by telling her she is beautiful and that she needs to make love with him Mercutio and benvolio leave the scene. Nurse is at rage with mercutio and romeo says that mercutio is in love with his voice. Nurse warns romeo not to mess juliet up. Romeo tells the nurse to convey the message of marriage to Juliet this afternoon.   Characters   Mercutio - is angry at the start of this scene and he surprisingly complicated tybalt as a swordsman. He jokes and argues about with romeo as he comes in the middle of the scene and he chats the nurse up when she wants to talk to romeo and mercutio leaves with benvolio behind him. Benvolio - is surprised by what mercutio is talking about tybalt and he joins in with the joke when mercutio chats up the nurse. Benvolio does not say much in this scene. Romeo - comes in the middle of the scene and he and mercutio joke and argue. When the nurse comes romeo apologises to the nurse for mercutio’s behavior and he tells the nurse to convey the message that him and Juliet will get married in Friar Lawrence's cell in the afternoon. Nurse - the nurse is angry that mercutio chats her up and warns romeo that do not love juliet as a joke and goes away with her servant as she goes and delivers the news of romeo’s and Juliet's marriage in the afternoon.   Key quotes   “Why, then is my pump well flowered” romeo “Come between us, good Benvolio; my wits faint” mercutio “Stop there, stop there.” benvolio ] “My fan, Peter” nurse   Key themes   Friendship Love Having fun   Act 2 scene 5 key scenes   Throughout these scenes, Shakespeare emphasizes the thrilling joy of young, romantic love. Romeo and Juliet are electric with anticipation. In a wonderfully comic scene, Juliet can barely contain herself when the Nurse pretends to be too tired to give her the news. Romeo is equally excited, brashly and blasphemously proclaiming his love is the most powerful force in the world.   Key characters   Nurse - she is too tired to give the news of marriage and when she does she tells juliet that she is blushing and when juliet leaves she waits for a rope ladder that will allow romeo to climb up to juliet room. Juliet - is eager awaiting the news but becomes angry when nurse keeps on complaining about her aching bones. She then becomes happy that she is getting married to romeo in the afternoon and she heads up to friar lawrence's cell to get married.   Key quotes   “O honey nurse, what news?” juliet “ O, she is lame!” juliet “Fie, how my bones ache! what a jaunt have I had!” Nurse   Key themes   Love Hate   Act 2 scene 6 - Key scenes   Romeo is waiting for juliet at friar lawrence's cell with friar lawrence Friar laurence tells romeo to love moderately Juliet arrives and friar lawrence compares her to an angel They get married   Key characters   Romeo is now deeply in love with juliet and he cannot compare his happiness even if it equals to the whole world Juliet - she is in the same mood as romeo and is so in love and she is happy beyond belief. Friar lawrence - marries romeo and juliet and tells romeo to love moderately.   Key quotes   “Let us begin” Friar lawrence “Romeo shall thank thee, daughter, for us both”Friar lawrence

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Act 3 scene 1 key scenes   Benvolio wants to retire as in the heat civil brawl or fighting may take place or ignite. Mercutio does not care that the capulets come. Capulets tybalt and two others come because tybalt is angry that rome crashed the capulet party back in Act one scene five. Tybalt asks mercutio were romeo is and mercutio mocks tybalt which makes him angry. Tybalt then angers mercutio by saying that romeo and mercutio is in a relationship. Romeo comes and tybalt calls romeo a villain. This was an insult during those times. Romeo then asks tybalt to hold the name romeo as dearly to the heart as capulets. Mercutio wants to fight so he says to tybalt is a shakespearean way he wants to fight with him. Tybalt and mercutio fight Romeo comes in between the fight and tybalt stabs mercutio under the arm. Tybalt leaves and mercutio curses both houses Mercutio asks his page to get him a doctor Mercutio soon after dies. Romeo is now furious with rage and anger on Mercutio’s death Romeo unleashes his anger at tybalt. They fight and Tybalt dies. Romeo realises what he has done and he flees as he is told by benvolio. The princes men comes and they see that two people have died so they call upon the prince. Lady capulet and Lord capulet  are there as well. Lady capulet keeps on crying on the death of Tybalt. Prince asks benvolio what has happened Benvolio explaines everything that has happened and he even is a grassed about romeo that he killed tybalt. Lady capulet says that you should not believe benvolio as he is a montague and a montague has shed tybalt's blood. One of the Prince's kinsman aks about the punishment of romeo as he has given the punishment of Tybalt as he has killed Mercutio. The prince decrees that romeo is banished from verona and if he comes back he will be killed.   Key characters   Mercutio - fights with tybalt as he sees the forgiveness that romeo is pleading for is not good and he asks tybalt to fight him which leads him to cursing both houses when he is injured and he dies as a result of the injury. Tybalt - He is angry that romeo crashed the capulet party and he wants to kill romeo for doing so and insults him by calling him a villain. He ends up fighting mercutio and killing him. He is then killed by romeo for killing mercutio. Benvolio - At the start of this scene he wants to go away as he can smell violence is hot temperatures. He also grassed of romeo at the end of the scene as he tells the truth to the prince about the fighting. Lady and Lord capulet - They arrive to get a harmful punishment as their kinsmen has been killed Lady capulet tells the prince not to listen to Benvolio as a montague has shed tybalt's blood. Prince - He is angry that the capulets and montagues have not listened to the punishment after the fighting in the first scene. The prince is further agitated that he has been affected as mercutio was the prince’s cousin. Romeo - He comes later in the scene and asks for forgiveness for crashing the party as now him and tybalt are cousins. He then kills tybalt afterwards as he kills Mercutio.Romeo then realises what he has done and he flees to friar lawrence’s cell.   Key quotes   “A plague o' both your houses! I am sped” Mercutio “ this shall not excuse the injuries” tybalt “ I do protest, I never injured thee” Romeo   Key themes   Violence   Act 3 scene 2   Juliet is waiting for romeo to come to her chamber for their wedding night Juliet is praising romeo and that his love is as special as thousands of angels in heaven The nurse has come in and she is weeping and crying. She is trying to say what happened in the battle but she is crying so much that she has muddled up her words. She says that romeo has killed himself and that makes juliet say that she shall kill herself if romeo is dead as she does not want to be a maiden head. The nurse then says that tybalt is dead and juliet is now crying and sobbing as well. The nurse then tells the truth that romeo killed tybalt and romeo is banished from verona. The nurse then curses romeo and then juliet backes up her husband. The nurse tells juliet that she knows where romeo is and promises that romeo will come to her chamber. Key characters   Juliet - is waiting for romeo to come to her bedroom and she hears the sad news of romeo’s exile and tybalt’s death. She then is angry at the nurse as she curses her husband. Nurse - She is so tearful of tybalt’s death and now she hates romeo but afterwards she tells juliet that she will go and get romeo to come to her bedroom. Key quotes   “Hood my unmann'd blood, bating in my cheeks” juliet “Ah, weraday! He's dead, he's dead, he's dead!” nurse Key themes   Death Love   Act 3 scene 3 key scenes   Romeo is at friar lawrence's cell waiting for his sentence of punishment Friar lawrence then tells him that he has been exiled out of Verona Romeo then says that exile is like being slain with a golden axe which is worse than death. Romeo then goes out into the field crying The nurse comes and tells romeo that juliet wants him at her chamber for their wedding night. Romeo then goes and the friar lawrence wishes him farewell and he says that he will soon be back in Verona and he will send news.   Act 3 scene 3 key characters   Romeo - he is unhappy about his punishment as he thinks that it is worse than death sentence. He is then happy that juliet wants him and he goes to juliet's chamber. Friar lawrence - He tells romeo his punishment and he calms romeo down and tells romeo that he will send news on any information. Nurse - She comes to romeo to take him to juliet's bedroom for their wedding night as juliet wants him.   Key quotes   “Spakest thou of Juliet? How is it with her?” romeo “There on the ground, with his own tears made drunk” Nurse “O, then I see that mad men 1 have no ears” friar lawrence   Key themes   Sadness or woe Love   Act 3 scene 4 key scenes   Lord capulet is in his house with paris discussing about juliet Lord capulet and paris talk about marriage. After the death of tybalt the capulet families respect has decreased so lord capulet decides to marry juliet to paris as he is wealthy and will add respect to his family’s name. Paris agrees and they sat the wedding to thursday in the morning Lord capulet then tells lady capulet to tell juliet in the morning   Key characters     Paris - he is sad as tybalt has died but he is also delighted that he is marrying Juliet on the thursday that week. Lord capulet - He then decides that juliet should be married to paris and sets the date. Lady capulet - She is told by lord capulet that she should go and tell juliet of her marriage to paris in the morning. Key quotes   “O' Thursday let it be” lord capulet “My lord, I would that Thursday were tomorrow!” Paris “Prepare her, wife, against this wedding day” Lord capulet   Key themes   Marriage   Act 3 scene 5 Key scenes   Romeo is in bed with juliet in her bedroom. It is almost dawn and romeo has to leave to go to mantua Romeo and juliet debate if it is dawn yet until they could no longer argue whether it was dawn or not. The nurse comes into the room saying that lady capulet was coming to the room. Romeo leaves quickly with a kiss and tells her that they shall meet again soon Lady capulet comes into the room and asks juliet how she is Juliet says that she is still crying for tybalt death Lady capulet then tells her that something happy is about to happen Lady capulet then tells her that she is going to be married to paris on thursday morning She says that she is not ever going to marry paris Lord capulet then comes in and asks whether lady capulet has told the news or not Lady capulet responds by saying that she is not going to marry paris. This makes lord capulet seriously angry and then he wants to slap juliet. Lord capulet makes it clear to her that she will marry paris on thursday morning or you will never look me in the face and never speak with me never again. The nurse then calmes juliet down and then tells her to marry paris as romeo was not a good husband. Juliet disagrees with this. Juliet then tells the nurse that tell her parents that she is going to the friar lawrence's cell to speak to the friar.   Key characters   Romeo - has had their wedding night and he leaves for mantua as he is now exiled from verona. Juliet - She is sad that romeo has to go and thinks that they will never meet again and she is displeased that she has to marry paris and she makes lord capulet angry at her and she is forced to marry paris on thursday morning. Lady capulet - she delivers lord capulet's message and she is ashamed that juliet does not want to marry paris. Lord capulet - He is super angry at juliet because she does not want to marry paris and lord capulet insults her with rude terminology. He says that you have to marry paris as it is his order to.   Key quotes   “He shall not make me there a joyful bride!” Juliet “Here comes your father. Tell him so yourself,” Lady capulet “Out, you green-sickness carrion! Out, you baggage!” Lord capulet “Farewell, farewell! One kiss, and I'll descend.” Romeo   Key themes   Love Hate

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Act 4 scene 1 Key scenes   Juliet goes to friar lawrence's cell Paris is their talking to friar lawrence to set the wedding Paris and juliet have an argument. Paris wants juliet to tell him that she loves him Juliet asks paris to leave because she need to speak to friar lawrence alone. Paris leaves and juliet starts crying about her situation. Friar lawrence knows the grief that she is going through. Friar lawrence offers a potion which will look like she is dead. Her pulse will stop for 42 hours. Friar lawrence tells her to take this the night before the wedding and do not be so scared about this. She will be laid in the family tomb and friar lawrence will send a letter to romeo in mantua who will come knowing the plan and will come for you to live together in mantua. Juliet takes the potion and leaves.   Key characters   Juliet - she wants to kill herself because she has a huge amount of grief as romeo is exiled to mantua and she now has to marry paris on her parent’s orders. Friar lawrence - comes up with a plan to release all the grief that juliet has at this moment in time. Paris - comes to friar lawrence to set the wedding ceremony on thursday morning. Key quotes   “And I am nothing slow to slack his haste” “You say you do not know the lady's mind?” “Come weep with me, past hope, past cure, past help!”   Key themes   Love Death   Act 4 scene 2   Lord capulet gives out many different orders as to juliet and paris wedding. He is concerned whether juliet has gone to friar lawrence's cell The nurse tells lord capulet that juliet has arrived from friar lawrence cell Juliet asks for forgiveness and repents to her father The father is then happy and he moves the wedding to the next day Juliet goes to bed and lord capulet says that he is going to stay up all night. Lord capulet is going to tell paris the news.     Key characters   Lord capulet -  he is happy that the wedding is going on. He rushes to get everything prepared. Juliet - she follows friar lawrence’s orders and seeks and repents for forgiveness from her father.   Key quotes   “To beg your pardon. Pardon, I beseech you” Juliet “I'll have this knot knit up tomorrow morning!” Lord capulet   Key themes   Power   Act 4 scene 3 Key scenes   Juliet goes to her bedroom with the nurse. She tells the nurse to go because she wants to sleep alone Her mother comes and asks her how she is. Juliet tells her to take the nurse with her and bids her farewell. She speaks her own soliloquy in this scene. She goes a bit paranoid when she says that friar lawrence may be conspiring on Juliet and the potion may not work. She then says that she will kill herself if she wakes up in the morning and she has to get married. She then says that she can see a ghost of tybalt as she bids it to stay. She then drinks the potion in honour of romeo her husband.   Key characters   Juliet - she gets a bit paranoid before drinking the potion to a death like sleep Lady capulet - she bids juliet farewell before the wedding tomorrow morning   Key quotes   “Subtly hath ministered to have me dead”Juliet “Upon a rapier’s point! Stay, Tybalt, stay!”Juliet   Key themes   Death   Act 4 scene 4 Key scenes   The nurse, lady capulet and Lord capulet are busy getting things ready for the wedding. The nurse tells lord capulet to go to bed as it is three O'clock in the morning of the wednesday. Lord capulet says that he will do an all nighter as in you stay up all night. Paris comes for the wedding later on The nurse is sent to wake juliet up.   Key characters   Lord capulet - he is staying up to get everything ready for the wedding. Lady capulet - she does not speak much but she is helping get the wedding food ready for the meal. Nurse - is worried about lord capulet that he will get ill from staying up and is sent to wake up juliet.   Key quotes   “They call for dates and quinces in the pastry.” Nurse “All night for lesser cause, and ne'er been sick.”Lord capulet “A jealous hood, a jealous hood!” Lord capulet   Key themes   Comodí   Act 4 scene 5 Key scenes   The nurse comes to wake juliet up but juliet does not move. The nurse tries again and then she tries again. She then realises the following she is dead. The nurse immediately called juliet's parents Lady capulet comes and she is wondering what has happened and the nurse starts lamenting and points to juliet. Lord capulet comes and lady capulet starts lamenting aswell so he follows and starts doing the same. Paris, friar lawrence and the musicians come in. Lord capulet gives a long explanation on what has happened. Lord capulet then comes and tells them that juliet has died and this makes paris start lamenting. Lord capulet then says that death is my son in law as it has married juliet. Friar lawrence then says to bury juliet as soon as possible. Lord capulet then tells the slaves to change everything happy and sad occasions. Everyone then leaves except peter a slave and the musicians and the nurse Black comedy goes on here as peter is so sad that he threatens the musicians to play a song that he wants them to play. The last bit of this scene then ends as the musicians and peter stop argueing.   Key quotes   “Then will I lay the serving-creature's dagger on” peter “O woe! O woful, woful, woful day!” nurse “Ready to go, but never to return.”Lord capulet “Come, is the bride ready to go to church?”Friar lawrence “Alack the day, she's dead, she's dead, she's dead!” Lady capulet   Key themes   Death   Act 5 scene 1 and 2   Romeo is dreaming at the start of the first scene. Romeo then is told news that juliet is dead and she is in the capulet tomb. He then goes to an apothecary where he asks for some poison. Romeo gives him lots of money and heads towards the tomb. Friar lawrence is waiting for friar john Friar john tells friar laurence that he did not send the letter because he had the plague. Friar lawrence then asks for an iron crow and heads towards the capulet tomb.   Characters   Friar lawrence - he is scared because the letter has not been delivered to romeo about the plans and he heads towards the capulet tomb.   Friar john - he does not send the letter about the plans   Romeo - is sad that juliet has died. He says that he will go to the tomb to her and kill himself with the potion that he got from the apothecary.   Key quotes   “Who bare my letter, then, to Romeo?” Friar lawrence “Her body sleeps in Capel's monument,” Friar john “And hire post-horses; I will hence to-night.” Romeo   Key themes   Death Woe   Act 5 scene 3 key scenes   Paris comes to the tomb with his slave. He has come to the grave to pay his respects as he is still sad that juliet has died. Paris tells his page to whistle when anybody comes. He places flowers at the grave when his page whistles. Paris hides behind the tomb and romeo comes with his page. Romeo tells his page to hide whilst he is in the grave. However, romeo tells the page that he is getting the ring of juliet but he does not tell him that he is going to kill himself as he would not let him do so. He tells the page that if he comes into the grave he will kill him. He gives the page money and tells him to live and be prosperous. Paris is angry that romeo has come to the grave and he comes out and shouts at romeo. Romeo asks for him to step away but paris doesn’t so they start fighting. Paris page see them two fighting and he runs to go and call the watch Romeo strikes paris in the chest and paris is down. Paris asks him to lay him next to juliet and romeo agrees. Paris dies. Romeo is angry at himself for yet killing another individual. Romeo opens the grave and he lays paris near juliet. Romeo starts lamenting on seeing juliet Romeo kisses juliet on the lips drink the poison and dies. Friar lawrence comes and sees romeo’s page. He asks where is romeo and the page replies he is in the grave. Friar lawrence asks him to come into the grave with him but the page denies so friar lawrence goes by himself. Friar lawrence sees paris and romeo dead and juliet stirs then wakes up Juliet asks where romeo is and friar lawrence tells her that paris and romeo are dead in the grave. Friar lawrence tells juliet that he will make her a nun for the rest of her life. Friar lawrence hears the watch coming and he tells juliet to come with him but she does not want to go. Friar lawrence flees from the grave. Juliet goes to romeo and she sees that romeo drank poison. She is sad that she never left him a drop so she kisses him because some of the poison might be on his lips. She hears the watch and then she sees romeo’s dagger She stabs herself and dies The watch comes and he is confused that romeo has died, paris has died and juliet has died the second time. He tells the other watch to raise the montagues and the capulet’s and the prince and find anyone who is at the graveyard near the tomb. Friar lawrence, romeo’s servant and paris servant is found. Paris and the capulets come and the watch tells him everything that has happened. The capulet starts lamenting on their daughter's death. Lord montague comes alone. He says that Lady montague has died of grief from romeo’s banishment. Montague starts lamenting because he has lost his wife and his child. The prince demands an explanation for all of this. Friar lawrence explaines everything from the plan to the wedding and he hands the prince romeo’s letter. Paris and romeo servants fill in the gap. The prince says that the letter supports friar lawrence story. Prince then says that all families have been punished. The capulets and montague make peace and they promise to each make a gold statue for romeo and juliet. Prince then ends the play by saying “For never there was a story with much woe, than the story of juliet and her romeo”. Key characters   Romeo - he comes with his page and he fights and kills paris and he killed himself by juliet. Juliet - she wakes up to find her lord dead and she killed herself too. Lady and lord capulet - they start lamenting that they see juliet dead and they make peace with the montagues. Lord montague - he has lost his wife and his son and he makes peace with the capulets. Watch - they raise up the families as they has seen the destruction of death. They also wake up prince. Friar lawrence - he comes to the grave too late and leaves juliet when he hears the watch. He is captured and he explaines the whole plan from the wedding to the plan failing. Paris servant - he whistles when romeo and his page comes and he called the watch when romeo and paris fight. Romeo’s servant - He and paris servant is captured and they tell part of the story. Prince - he also has been punished when he has lost a kinsman mercutio and he has lost his son paris.   Key quotes   “For never was a story of more woe Than this of Juliet and her Romeo” Prince “ He came with flowers to strew his lady’s grave” Paris servant “For I will raise her statue in pure gold” Lord montague “O brother Montague, give me thy hand” capulet “The ground is bloody; search about the churchyard” Watchmen “O comfortable friar! where is my lord?” Juliet “ I hear some noise. Lady, come from that nest” Friar lawrence “If thou be merciful, Open the tomb, lay me with Juliet” Paris “Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die” romeo   Key themes   Love Peace Death Sadness

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