National Industrialization

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Notes for P.I. 100 class presentation on National Industrialization, relating Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-Economic Reforms to Philippines a Century Hence, etc.

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Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-econmic Reforms ABS-CBN News April 7, 2017 PH Gov't, Reds bullish on CASER

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The National Democratic Front-Philippines Conflict Communist Insurgency in the Philippines National Democratic Front of the Philippines: umbrella term for leftist organizations supporting revolutions; Marxist-Maoist-Lennism philosophy GRP and NDFP have on and off peace talks that don't come into fruition due to ideological differences and lack of trust The New People's Army New People's Army: underground communist party to fight Maoist, imperialist, nationalist revolution; foreign terrorist organization status; under Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Height of activity during anti-Marcos mass mobilizations during the 1980s Still very active in Visayas and Northeastern Mindanao, has great capacity for mass mobilizations and therefore still socially significant Peace Negotiations Civil society is for peace talks but it never comes to fruition.  Key Achievement: Agreement on first point of Agenda-Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law No developments on:social and economic reforms, political and constitutional reforms, and the end of hostilities and disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration. Norway has been facilitator for GRP and NDFP since 2001 Nobody is giving way. No commitment to a peaceful solution, no confidence, no compromise. Conclusion: A corrupt government produces unhappy utopia-seekers, they create a mess. They try to make up but can't agree on anything. Pride is the enemy.

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The Need for National Industrialization Promote National Industrialization for National Development

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