premise structure theory (10) exam prep

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premise structure theory (10) exam prep

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Discuss premise of structure theories (10)  Structure theories represent the purest form of sociological explanations.   According to structure theories, crime is a product of defect in social structure.  Social structures are macro-theories, which has designed to account for higher incidence of crimes among the less advantaged or lower-class members of society.   Crime is regarded to being primarily a lower-class phenomenon, which breeds criminal behaviour that begins in youths and continue into young adulthood.   Structural issues contribute to poverty, unemployment, poor education and racism, which is all regarded as root causes of high crime rates among deprived groups of members of society.  Structure theorists are not concerned with finding out why individuals commit crime, the focus is on certain ecological areas that experience high levels of crimes.  Social structures reflect fundamental trust in the social system and assumes consensus among society members about the validity of laws. 

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