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The 3 3's are 5 rule does not apply to Imitation firearms

In Perjury you must beleive it not to be true , not know

Voluntary Intoxication can be a defence to murder but not if the mens rea was formed after the intoxication

Conspiracy only applies to the parties who are in joint agreement

Forgery Offences do not relate to bank notes

Dishonesty in theft is for the jury to decide

Robbery there must be an actual theft to exist . Offence complete at point of force

A sex offender has 3 days to notify police of change of address

HSG you must know or beleive goods to be stolen not suspect

Trespass with firearm can be on public or private land , dopnt need to be in uniform

Dont need to give you passport details for registering as a sex offender

Kidnapp you take away , false imprisonment you detain

Raves played at night with / without intermission of music

Assault by penetration can be with anything

Assaults , condition threats not enough

The defence of automatism needs to be total loss of control not partial

Public assembely must be 2 + people open wholly or partly to the air

Agravated arson must endanger the life of another

Magistate Can Remand someone to bail or to custody

Must be over 18 to act as Ap Adult

Supt. Authorises truants once confirmed by L Authority

The number of offences accused has committed is not a reason to  consider for bail

Handling . Special evidence from susp last 5 years of handling or theft . Also last 12months if found in possessions of stolen goods.

Closure notice Must be at every acces point , outbiuldings, prominant place and also to someone there.

Violent Disorder can be commited in private also

Crossbows? 18 ok as look as supervised by 21 or over

S.17 power to enter to re capture . Must beleive he is in there though

L Authority to make a designated place in relation to restricting alcahol. Nuisance Disorder or annoyance must have occured

Search on school premises S139 . Can be for points and blades OR Off weaps

Road side property is not anything that is portable

Death by Dangerous Driving? Compulroy re test + obligatory disqualification min 2 years

Drink Drive . Outside vehicle at doo ? In charge

POwer to enter and seize un insured MV's does not apply to Private dwellings

Non minor accident - No NIP

Hostages. Can compel a person as well as a Staet etc.Can threat to kill , injure or detain still

Require specimin. Mental disorder has been shown as reasonable excuse

Blood Option DR decised which part of body it is taken from

Crim Dam. Can cause permit another

If FME thinks susp unfit he does not need to give his consent in writting

Skips. OWNER is responsble unless period of hire exceeds 1 month

Assisting offender. Can still be guilty even if original offences has been aquited

Deaf / Interpreters. Chief office of police for that area responsible

Duress. Must fear death or serious injury . Would someone act the same way .

No Bail. Must go before 1st Mags. Bail ? Can be specified by Custody

Directed surveilance. Supt writting 3 months

POssessions with intent is an intent offence. Complete when intention is formed .

Robbery . Seeking to put in fear is enough . Even if they dont beleive

Urine . one hour from requirment however may extend at discretion

Closure order for noise must be ongoing. Disorder may have already happened . Inspector

POlice vehicle do not need test certs.

Incomunicado delays . Indictable

Urgent Interviews. For summary and Indictable

Cannot exceed 24 hour detention for summary offence

Terrorism reviews. ASAP then every 12 hours

In custody can force off face coverings

Testing Class A . Urine or Int sample14 - 18 at chargeO18 - Charge or arrest

Class A testing cannot use force. But comitt offence.24 hours after arrest6 hours after charge

Curfews - 14 - 60 days

Photo ID must be viewed at least once.Video Twice.

Ears and Nose hair NOT intimate

Officer can prompt an interview to clear up ambiguity

Inadmissable evidence must still be retained

Defence has 14 days after initial disclosure

Sworn / Unsworn Testimony 0.14 U.14

Cannot lead a confused witness. Can lead a hostile witness

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