Making Comparisons

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Tanto and Tan

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Making Comparisons   This construction is used to make comparisons of equality Tan + Adjective/Adverb + Como              Tanto /a(s) + noun + como   Tanto acts as an adjective and therefore agrees in number and gender with the noun it modifies Este plato es tan rico como aquel.       This dish is as tasty as that one (is). Yo probe tantos platos como el.       I tried as many dishes as he did.   Tan and Tanto can be used for emphasis, rather than to compare, with these meanings: Tan: so Tanto: so much Tantos/as: So many   !Tu almuerzo es tan grande!     Your lunch is so big!   !Comes tantas manzanas!     You eat so many apples!   !Comes tanto!      You eat so much!   !Preparan tantos platos!      They prepare so many dishes!   Comparisons of equality with verbs are formed by placing "tanto como" after the verb. Note that in this construction "tanto" does not change in number or gender.