Peter Drucker - Managing Oneself

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GMAT Organisational Behaviour (Readings) Note on Peter Drucker - Managing Oneself, created by Rob McCartney on 09/05/2013.

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Feedback Analysis Works over 2-3 years Focus on your strengths Better to make competent a star than incompetent to adequate How do I perform is more important question than what are my strengths Reader or Listener? How do I learn? Do I work well with people? Decision maker or Advisor Big or small company? DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE YOURSELF Where do I belong? What is your value system?Persons values must match organisations values What Should I contribute What is required What can I do What results are needed Set Stretch Goals Responsibility for Relationships People are individuals learn how to communicate what you are doing Second Half of your life Some create a second career Need to start before it's time

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