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Introduction to IGCSE Physics - Year 9 Section 4: Energy resources and energy transfera) Unitsb) Energy transferc) Work and powerd) Energy resources and electricity generationa. Units4.1 use the following units: kilogram (kg), joule (J), metre (m), metre/second (m/s), metre/second2 (m/s2), netwon (N), second (s), watt (W)b. Energy transfer4.2 describe energy transfers involving the following forms of energy: thermal (heat), light, electrical, sound, kinetic, chemical, nuclear and potential (elastic and gravitational)4.3 understand that energy is conserved4.4 recall and use the relationship: efficiency = useful energy output / total energy input4.5 describe a variety of everyday and scientific devices and situations, explaining the fate of the input energy in terms of the above relationship, including their representation by Sankey diagrams4.6recall that energy transfer may take place by conduction, convection and radiation4.7 describe the role of convection in everyday phenomena4.8 describe how insulation is used to reduce energy transfers from buildings and the human bodyc. Work and power4.9 recall and use the relationship between work, force and distance moved in the direction of the force: work done = force x distance moved (W = F x d)4.10 understand that work done is equal to energy transferredd. Energy resources and electricity generation4.16understand that energy transfers involved in generating electricity using: wind water geothermal resources solar heating systems solar cells fossil fuels nuclear power

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