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O Physics (Measurement) Note on Errors, created by Bryan Lim on 09/29/2013.

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Errors are uncertainties in measured quantities which arise from different sources due to limitationsSystematic ErrorsSystematic error arise due to mistakes in the design of an experiment, calibration of instruments not done correctly or the observer repeatedly making in the same mistakeE.g. Parallax Error, Zero error, End Error

Random Errors are UNAVOIDABLE but they can be minimized, they are due to the fact that an instrument can only be read to a certain precision or that the environment is constantly changingE.g. Non uniformity of coin

Precision vs AccuracyPrecisions is improved when the unit of measurement is smaller e.g. Using micrometer better than vernier caliperAccuracy is the effect of random error is reduced by finding the average measuremetE.g. Measuring each dimension 3 times

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