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At Hertford Regional College we have a Learning Centre (LC) on each of the two sites, Ware and Broxbourne. The Learning Centres are there to provide our students with access to computers for assignment work and research. It also houses books on the subjects that are taught at HRC. It’s not all non-fiction however, there is also a range of fiction for you to enjoy. The Learning Centres deliver a wide range of services to help students to achieve their goals while studying at HRC. Below is a Mind-map to outline the services that our Learning Centres provide to the students.After looking at the mind-map, please scroll down to the slideshow. Make sure you read it carefully as there will be a quiz below!

Did you do the Quiz above? How did you do? If you did not get 100%, remember you can have another go. Looking forward to seeing you in the Learning Centres!

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