AHL Topic 9 Lesson 1 (Flipped) - Analytical and Numerical Description of SHM

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Flippd lesson on anyalsing the Equation of S.H.M. both analytically and numerically.

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AHL Topic 9 Lesson 1 Advanced S.H.M. (Flipped)

Textbook References: Oxford Text pp 353-357; Hamper Text pp 156 - 158 ; Cutnell & Johnson Text pp 276-289. Syllabus Outcomes Covered in This Lesson Understandings: The defining equation of SHM Energy changes Applications and skills: Solving problems involving acceleration, velocity and displacement during simple harmonic motion, both graphically and algebraically Describing the interchange of kinetic and potential energy during simple harmonic motion Solving problems involving energy transfer during simple harmonic motion, both graphically and algebraically

Task #1: Watch carefully the motion of the blue dot and the graph that is traced out as the blue dot complete one cycle of its circular path in this Uniform Circular Motion and SHM simulation: http://www.cabrillo.edu/~jmccullough/Applets/Flash/Fluids,%20Oscillations%20and%20Waves/SHM1.swf (2-3 mins) Task #2: Watch this Video: SHM Part 2 (13 mins) Task #3: Explore this Wolfram Demonstrations Interactive SHM on a Spring to see the energy changes that take place during different locations in an oscillation. (7 mins) Task 5: Complete the Quiz - AHL Topic 9 SHM Equations of motion at the bottom of this page. (9 mins)

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