AHL Topic 9 Lesson 5 - Resolution

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IB Physics lesson from AHL Topic 9 Wave Phenomena on Resolution

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AHL Sub-topic 9.4: Resolution NOTE: THIS LESSON IS FOR HL STUDENTS ONLY! Textbook References: Tsokos (6th Edition) pp 376-380, Understandings: The size of a diffracting aperture The resolution of simple monochromatic two-source systems Applications and skills: Solving problems involving the Rayleigh criterion for light emitted by two sources diffracted at a single slit Resolvance of diffraction gratings STARTER: Main Activities: Task #1. Watch this Youtube video on Rayleigh the Criterion (9.5 mins) Task #2: Explore diffraction of light through a circular aperture with this Online Simulation. (5 mins) Task #3. Download & view this Powerpoint on Resolution (mins) and use the information in it to complete this Notes Skeleton. (15 mins) Task #4. Watch this YouTube Video on Resolvance of Diffraction Gratings (5.5 mins) Task #5: Complete this Worksheet on Resolution (15 mins)

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