IB Physics Sub-Topic 4.4 Wave Behaviour Lesson 2 Refraction & Snell's Law

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Lesson on Refraction of light & Snell's Law.

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Lesson 2 - Refraction of Light & Snell's Law

Textbook References: Hamper IB HL Physics 2nd Edition - pp 186 - 189; Oxford Text pp 146 - 150. Syllabus Outcomes Covered in This Lesson: Understandings: Refraction Snell’s law, critical angle and total internal reflection Applications and Skills: Solving problems involving Snell’s law, critical angle and total internal reflection Determining refractive index experimentally NOTE TO STUDENTS: Based on your preferred learning style, you may choose to read theory first (Task #1) or explore with the simulation first (Task #2) Task #1: Read: (a) Physics Classroom (continue for 3 more pages - to "Boundary Behaviour Revisited") (b) Refraction Notes Task #2: Investigate the refraction of light by gathering data to complete this Refraction and Snell's Law Lab Data Sheet using the PhET Bending Light Simulation. (mins) Task #3: Enhance your understanding of refraction by downloading & viewing this Powerpoint on Refraction ( mins) Task #4:

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