IB Physics Topic 4 Lesson 5 - Polarisation

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IB Physics Topic 4 Lesson 5 on Polarisation

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IB Physics Topic 4 Lesson 5 - EM Spectrum & Polarisation (Part 1)

Textbook References: Hamper HL IBPhysics 2nd Edition p 200; Oxford Text pp142-144 Syllabus Outcomes Covered in This LessonUnderstandings Polarisation Applications and Skills Describing methods of polarisation Sketching and interpreting diagrams illustrating polarised, reflected and transmitted beams Solving problems involving Malus’s law Main Activities: Task #1: Watch this video on the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum (8 mins) Task #2: Polaroid Filters Investigation Using a Light Sensor. (20 mins) Task #3: Learn about Polarisation by downloading & viewing this ppt. (10 mins) Task #4: Watch this Video on Malus's Law (12 mins) Homework: Complete Worksheet #3 from Topic 4 Waves Student Workbook.

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