Reflexive Verbs

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1) Reflexive verbs are used when the same person performs and receives the action of the verb. The reflexive pronoun helps you identify a reflexive verb.

Elle se brosse les cheveux.    She is brushing her hair

Elle brosse le chat.She is not brushing the cat. (not reflexive)

2) To form a reflexive verb, use the correct form of the verb and the reflexive pronoun that agrees with the subject.

Se Laver:Je me laveTu te lavesil/elle/on se lave 

Nous nous lavonsVous vous lavezils/elles se lavent

Je me brosse les cheveux pendant que ma soeur se maquille.

3) Place ne... pas around the reflexive pronoun and verb to make it negative.

Je ne me peigne pas, je me brosse  les cheveux.

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