IB Physics Topic 4.5 Standing Waves - Lesson 2

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Lesson 2 on IB Physics Topic 4.5 Standing Waves

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Lesson 2 - Standing Waves (continued)

Textbook References: Tsokos (6th Edition) pp 182-188 Task #1: Watch this Video on Standing Waves Lab that outlines two experiments that involve standing waves in different mediums: (i) using a mechanical oscillator to create a standing wave in a stretched string; and (ii) another using a tuning fork vibrating at one end of a tube to create standing waves in the air inside the tube. (10 mins) You can also read about these two experiments by visiting this web page. (5 mins) Task #2: Click on this Link to Eduweblabs Acoustic Resonance Simulation and gather data to complete this Data Sheet for Acoustic Resonance Simulation. (20 mins)Data Task #3: Watch this Video on Understanding Standing Waves. (15 mins) (How quickly can you say "Stanley studied steadfastly to understand standing waves"?) Task #4: Complete "Test Yourself "questions pp189-190 of the Tsokos text. Check your answers (in the back of the book) when finished.

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