AQA GCSE Business Studies - 9 Mark Questions

Alex Collins
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After having finished reading this, one should be able to answer a nine mark question in either Unit 1 or Unit 2 and get top marks.

Alex Collins
Created by Alex Collins over 3 years ago
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Answering a Nine Mark Question

1. Make a suggestion or a recommendation. Be decisive and be clear about which option you have chosen.2. Give an argument to support your decision. This should be presented as a PEE paragraph, making reference to the context provided throughout your answer.3. This should be another point supporting your decision. As with the last point, it should be presented in the form of PEE. Continue to make reference to the context whilst making the point.4. Give a counter-argument. This means that you should argue against your point by showing that the other option boasts benefits as well. Ensure that context is used.5. Give a weighted conclusion and justification for your recommendation. Make sure that your original decision does not change once you write the conclusion.

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