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Essay plans based on practice questions for King Lear

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1. King Lear claims he is ‘more sinned against than sinning.’How far and in what ways do you sympathise with Lear?

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2. The lessons Lear learns are outweighed by those he does not.How far and in what ways do you agree with this view of Lear?

Page 3

3. Having a subplot so similar to the main plot ruins the drive of the narrative.How far do you agree with the idea that Gloucester’s family story detractsfrom the play?

Page 4

4. Cordelia’s death is an unnecessary appendage to the main narrative and itdetracts from an audience’s experience of the tragedy.How far and in what ways do you agree with this view?

Page 5

5. The play’s moral is that honesty and loyalty will not be rewarded.How far and in what ways do you agree with this view?

Page 6

6. ‘ . . . Propinquity and property of the blood’King Lear is a play of family breakdown, not national politics.How far and in what ways do you see this play as a presentation of familydynamics?

Page 7

7. One is struck during a performance of King Lear by how little controlcharacters seem to have over their destinies.Evaluate the impact on the play of tragic fate, destiny and God.

Page 8

8. The fool adds further confusion and clamour to an already impenetrable play.How far and in what ways do you find the character of the fool unnecessary?

Page 9

9. ‘Lear’s madness becomes, in fact, his route to sanity.’

Page 10

10. The play’s characters will only learn how to live socially once they have beenuprooted from all social structures

Page 11

11. Edmund is the true voice of human nature in this play.How far and in what ways do you feel the audience identifies with Edmund?

Page 12

12. The tragedy stems from confusing love and duty.How far and in what ways do you agree with this view of the play?

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