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Occupation Categories1. Management (e.g. managers of: operations, marketing, public relations, human resources,advertising, finance, hotels, restaurants, etc.)2. Office/Administrative Support (e.g. financial/billing/file/mail clerk, bookkeeper, teller,receptionist, administrative assistant, data entry processor, library assistant, legal secretary)3. Business and Financial Operations (e.g. financial specialist, budget analyst, event planner,agent, buyer, claims adjuster, real estate assessor, human resources specialist, accountant)4. Architecture/Engineering (e.g. architect, landscape architect, surveyor, cartographer,engineer, drafter)5. Art and Design (e.g. fine artist, animator, graphic/floral/interior designer, multimedia artist,set/exhibit designer, art director)6. Entertainer/Performer (e.g. actor, producer, director, musician, dancer, athlete, coach)7. Media and Communications (e.g. writer, editor, reporter, announcer, interpreter, mediaequipment technician, photographer, film/video/TV operator, public relations specialist)8. Computer/Mathematical (e.g. computer programmer, network/database administrator,mathematician, statistician, software/web developer, user support)9. Farming/Fishing/Forestry Worker (e.g. farm/greenhouse/fishing/forestry worker, agriculturalinspector)10. Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance (e.g. landscaper, tree-trimmer, buildingcleaner, janitor, pest control)11. Life Science (e.g. biologist, ecologist, zoologist, biochemist, conservation/plant/soil scientist, forester)12. Physical Science (e.g. physicist, chemist, astronomer, hydrologist, geoscientist)13. Military and Protective Service (e.g. military officer, infantry, police officer, firefighter,security guard, lifeguard, ski patrol, animal control, game warden)14. Healthcare Practitioner or Technician (e.g. physician, nurse, veterinarian,physical/occupational/recreational therapist, nutritionist, EMT, laboratory technician)15. Healthcare Support (e.g. medical/dental/veterinary assistant, massage therapist, homehealth aide)16. Community and Social Service (e.g. mental health counselor, social worker, guidancecounselor, clergy, health educator, probation officer)17. Social Science (e.g. clinical/counseling/school psychologist, economist, survey researcher,anthropologist, sociologist, historian, political scientist, regional planner)18. Legal Occupations (e.g. lawyer, legal assistant, paralegal, title examiner)19. Education/Training/Library (e.g. teacher, adult educator, teaching assistant, librarian,curator, archivist)20. Transportation (e.g. truck/bus/taxi/ambulance driver, material mover, sailor, pilot, flightattendant, railway worker)21. Personal Care and Service (e.g. hairstylist, fitness trainer, usher, childcare worker/nanny,recreation worker, travel/wilderness/river raft/kayak guide, nonfarm animal caretaker/trainer)22. Construction/Installation/Repair (e.g. mason, carpenter, electrician, pipefitter, buildinginspector, equipment repair, electronics installer, mechanic)23. Food Preparation/Serving (e.g. cook, bartender, food server, caterer, dishwasher, host)24. Sales (e.g. retail management, cashier, sales/advertising representative, travel agent, realestate broker, telemarketer)25. Production/Manufacturing (e.g. assembler, machinist, textile worker, woodworker, plantoperator, photo processor, welder, printing worker, baker, butcher)

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