Napoleon's Empire

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These notes are about Napoleon spreading his empire

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Napoleon's Empire

Building the EmpireWhat was Napoleon (1807-12)?He was the Master of Europe1st part: Grand EmpireFrench, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Germany were ruled by Napoleon2nd Part: Dependent StatesSpain, Holland, Kingdom of Italy, Swiss, Warsaw, Confederation of Rhine were ruled by Napoleon's relatives3d part: Allied statesPrussia, Austria, Russia, Sweden, Defeated by Napoleon

Spreading the principles of the revolutionPrinciples he hoped to spreadLegal equality, religious toleration, economic freedomHow was "old order" destroyed? The nobles and clergy lost their privilegesWhat was developing?liberal traditionWhat director was like Napoleon? Hitler

British ResistanceWhat was Britain's strength?Sea power/NavyBattle where French Navy lostTrafalgarWhat's the Continental System? A system to stop goods coming from Britain into EuropeWhy did the Continental System fail? No one listened to Napoleon

NationalismWhat is Nationalism?Sense of unique identity of a people based on language religion, national symbolWhere did Nationalism spread? Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, and FranceThe conquered people hated__the invadersThe conquered people saw_____the power and strength of national feeling

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