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2nd August 1990 - 28th February 1991 (continued for 4 years after)

Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990 and became dominant. The UN gave Iraq until the 15th January 1991 to leave Kuwait before military intervention occurred. Iraq stayed and the war began.

Timeline of events leading to Iraq's invasion:1. Iraq left bankrupt after Iraq-Iran war and asked Saudi and Kuwait to forgive any debt owed as Iraq was paying them by stopping Iran push through the Middle East.2. Iraq suspected Kuwait was drilling for more oil than what the OPEC quota allowed, lowering oil prices. Iraq was in a bad financial place.3. Iraq wanted OPEC nations to reduce oil extraction to increase prices but Kuwait asked to increase drilling by 50%.4. Iraq complained Kuwait was drilling at an angle over the Iraqi border (oil stealing claims).5. Iraq then tried to claim sovereignty over Kuwait.

300 people protested against the creation of a wind farm in Anglesey on the edge of the village of Llanddona, Wales.

Locals feared the wind farm will create job losses as oppose to gains, due to the area becoming unappealing to tourists.


Fukushima, JapanMany under 18s have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer since the nuclear disaster in 2011.

GermanyGermany intends to have closed all nuclear power stations by 2022.

USAUS reactors have created 77,000 tons of high level radioactive waste, which are temporarily being stored in steel canisters.


Vulnerable to terrorismNuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) says 47% of power plants failed to deter mock terrorist attacks.

Chernobyl, Ukraine1986 explosion spread radiation across Europe. 28 deaths from Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) and thousands of cases of thyroid cancer.

Persian Gulf War

Nuclear catastrophes