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David's Birthday Surprise!

Hello! It's me, David. It's my tenth birthday today. My dad was confused if it was my eleventh as I'm becoming so tall so quick. I'm really happy that he took me out to a pet shop. I'm always scared of dogs, you know, so I bought a sleepy cat instead. I was cold outside and wanted to come back home. I was a bit hungry too. My mother served me a delicious apple pie! My new cat Liz, however, was hot and thirsty. She lapped up the water which I gave her. It was so thoughtful of mum to give me a beautiful birthday card. Also, she was surprised to see Liz! However, my grandmother was angry when we brought Liz home. She doesn't like pets and was worried that she would fall sick by living with a cat. In the evening, I blew the candles out and cut my birthday cake. Well, I had a wonderful birthday and not everyone was sad. I'm tired now. I'll be off to bed. Goodnight! Hope you like my birthday surprise!

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