Romeo and Juliet Themes

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Prologue"star-cross'd lovers" - This means that they were destined to meet and are a perfect couple"death-mark'd love" - This means that their love has been fated to death and darknessBoth contain compound adjectives which shows that their love is complicated and is not as simple as most which shows that they are willing to fight for their love and to be with each other

Romeo"she hangs upon the cheek of night" - metaphor brings connotations of moon and stars which brings back the theme of fate and implies that Romeo feels as though they were destined to be together and it is true love.

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Prologue"ancient grudge break to new mutiny" - Being in the prologue this shows that hate and fighting will be a recurring theme in the play and the antithesis shows that there will be a clear contrast between traditional views and a new perhaps rebellious side to the play as well."fatal loins of these two foes" - Talks of Romeo and Juliet to be enemies however when they come to meet they fall in love which is ironic. This shows how the theme of love may overpower the theme of hatred.

Prince's Speech"enemies to peace" - antithesis shows how odd their feud is: it is atypical to see enemies and peace used together which also shows how odd and trivial their feud is."quench the fire of you pernicious rage" - the metaphor used to describe their anger shows how destructive it is to the rest of the town as fire is powerful so this anger and rage may overpower the love of Romeo and Juliet.