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3º de ESO Inglés Note on gramatica examen academia 2017, created by Victor Pla on 05/10/2017.

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Temes 1-10Data de l'examen 13-06-17

GRAMMAR Auxiliary verbs (do, be, have) Present Simple and Present Continous Present Perfect Simple and Past Simple Defining relative clauses The passive Past simple and Past Continous Future plans Comparatives and superlatives Future possiblity Question tags Modal verbs of obligation and prohibition Zero and First conditional with if/when/unless/as soon as Present Perfect Continous and Present Perfect Simple Verb patterns with -ing and infinitive Countable and uncountable nouns Past perfect simple Uses of like Articles Subject and object questions Used to and would Modals of ability, past and present Second conditional Adverbs Third Conditional Make, let, allow Reported speech Past obligation/permission I wish/ if only Review of past tenses Phrasal verbs

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