Useful Quotes for the Woman In Black Themes

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Useful quotes and their meanings for the woman in black themes, really helpful.

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Isolation & Loneliness

'Minutes later, they were receding across the causeway, smaller and smaller figures in the immensity and wideness of marsh and sky'page 62

Even though Keckwick is a tight-lipped kind of fellow, it must still be hard on Arthur to see him go. He's another normal livingsoul, after all.

'But for today I had had enough. Enough of solitude and no sound save the water and the moaning wind'page 71

The empty and lonely surroundings at Eel Marsh House are starting to get to Arthur after he spends a while there alone

'Behind me, out on the marshes, all was still and silent;save for that movement of the water, the pony and trap might never have existed'Page 75

'Still' and 'silent' are adjectives used to describe a location where little is happening, further deepening the readers understanding of Arthur's loneliness in the eerie location.

"I wouldn't have left you over the night" he said at last, "wouldn't have done that to you."page 80

Even though Keckwick's personality is  not really all that friendly, Arthur is delighted to see him again after being left alone at Eel Marsh House. Keckwick himself is no stranger to isolation and does not wish this upon any other, as shown by his kindness here to Kipps.

"And then, with an awful cry of realization, I knew. There was no visitor—or at least no real, human visitor—no Keckwick."page 115

Arthur is even interested in the company of Keckwick, a man who barely speaks, suggesting sheer desperation for someone to be around him, to reassure him and rescue him from his isolation

'I must have a candle, some light, however faint and frail, to keep me company'

Arthur even personifies a candle to be comforting, suggesting such loneliness that even something as simple as that would make a difference to how he feels.

isolation and loneliness