The Challenging Pre OP Interventional Radiolgy Patient

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Post-test for video The Challenging Pre OP Interventional Radiology (part 1) or six sections

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Question 1

Interventional radiology procedures require that patients must not consume solid foods from
  • For two hours before the procedure
  • From the midnight before the procedure
  • For one hour before the procudure
  • For a minimum of at least twelve hours before the scheduled procedure

Question 2

Interventional radiology patients receiving procedural sedation are required to
  • can drive themselves home after they pass a mini mental and congition test
  • Wait three hours after the procedure before they can drive home
  • Bring a driver to provide transportation home after the procedure
  • Wait one hour after the procedure before they can drive home

Question 3

Patients are required to bring their medications in the pharmacy containers, manufactured otc bottles or a complete list containing the name of medications, or a complete updated list of current medications to the preprocedure interview for
  • Verification of potential medications that may increase the risk of interprocedural or post op complications
  • assessment of additional medications to increase individual patient pharmacology
  • medication changes that will increase the profit magin for the hospital of the procedure
  • suuestons of additionalhomeopathic medciation recommendations
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