Safe Systems of Work

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Safe Systems of Work OB

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Risk The likelihood of a hazard to occur.
Hazard Something that has the potential to cause harm
Risk Assessment An assessment of hazards that are measurable by risk, indicating the necessary actions to control and prevent these hazards occurring.
Method Statement This describes in a logical sequence exactly how a job is to be carried out in a safe manner and without risks to health. I
Permit to Work Work permit is a generic term for a legal authorisation which allows a person/s to undertake employment. In particular high risk activities do require a permit-to-work system
Safety Signs and Notices To be clearly visible in the work place to enforce, warn, and advise on health and safety requirements.
Site Safety Information Board With the use of safety signs, written instructions, and contact details; this customised board must be clearly visible upon arrival on a construction site.
Safe Systems of Work A safe system of work requires any of the following: Risk assessment, Permit to Work, Method Statement, Safety signs and notices
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