AS Level Physics U4 Dynamics - Resolving Vectors Prior Knowledge Quiz

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Quiz on vector resolution and addition for As Level Physics

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Question 1

A free-body force diagram can be used to represent the forces acting on an object. Which of the following should not appear on the free-body force diagram for a block sliding down a slope?
  • A normal reaction of ground
  • B mass × gravitational field strength
  • C friction
  • D acceleration of block

Question 2

A car is towed by a truck using a rope. The car is pulled at a constant speed creating a tension T in the rope. The horizontal forces acting on the car are shown. The magnitude of the force exerted by the truck on the car is:
  • A) T + F
  • B) T – F
  • C) T
  • D) zero

Question 3

A child on a sled slides down a hill with acceleration 'a'. The hill makes and angle theta with the horizontal. The total mass of the child and the sledge is m. The acceleration of free fall is g. What is the friction force F ?

Question 4

A ladder is positioned on icy (frictionless) ground and is leant against a rough wall. At the instant of release it begins to slide. Which diagram correctly shows the directions of the forces P, W and R acting on the ladder as it slides?

Question 5

A glider is descending at constant speed at an angle of 15° to the horizontal. The diagram shows the directions of the lift L, air resistance R and weight W acting on the glider. Which vector triangle could represent the forces acting on the glider?

Question 6

The diagrams show two ways of hanging the same picture. In both cases, a string is attached to the same points on the picture and looped symmetrically over a nail in a wall. The forces shown are those that act on the nail. In diagram 1, the string loop is shorter than in diagram 2. Which information about the magnitude of the forces is correct?

Question 7

An archer draws his bowstring back to position X. The bowstring and arrow are shown. The tension T in the string is also shown. Then he draws the bowstring back further to position Y. The resultant force on the arrow is greater when the arrow is released from position Y. What is the increase in force?
  • A 15 N
  • B 27 N
  • C 40 N
  • D 53 N

Question 8

A cupboard is attached to a wall by a screw. Which force diagram shows the cupboard in equilibrium, with the weight W of the cupboard, the force S that the screw exerts on the cupboard and the force R that the wall exerts on the cupboard?

Question 9

A vehicle is at rest on a slope. It is considered to have three forces acting on it to keep it in equilibrium. They are its weight W, a normal reaction force R and a frictional force F. Which triangle of forces is correct?

Question 10

A picture on a wall is supported by a wire looped over a nail. The mass of the picture is 4.2 kg. What is the tension in the supporting wire?
  • A 5.0 N
  • B 23 N
  • C 49 N
  • D 97 N
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