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Tie 2

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Question 1

The Precedence Diagramming Method provides project managers with knowledge of:?
  • a. All levels of the work breakdown structure.
  • b. Activities likely to be involved in the project integration and resource allocation functions.
  • c. A graphical representation of interdependencies of activities.
  • d. The project completion date based on normal resource availability

Question 2

Mr. Smith and his project team are beginning a project. During one of the meetings, they try to understand how client organization informs the project status and they identifie that It is expected to elaborate perfectly prepared reports. This is an example of:
  • a. A difficult client and project.
  • b. Good planning.
  • c. Enterprise Environmental Factor.
  • d. A change control system.

Question 3

What is the BEST tool to use to calculate the critical path on a project??
  • a. Work breakdown structure.
  • b. GERT diagram.
  • c. Gantt chart.
  • d. Project network diagram.

Question 4

A heuristic si BEST described as a:
  • a. Control tool
  • b. Scheduling method
  • c. Planning tool
  • d. Rule of thumb

Question 5

A market demand, a business need, and/or legal requirement are examples of:
  • a. Reasons to hire a project manager
  • b. Reasons projects are iniciated
  • c. Reasons people or businesses become stakeholders
  • d. Reasons to sponsor a project

Question 6

A defect in the product was brought to the project manager’s attention, and now the project team is engaged in repairing it. Which project management process would be the most applicable to this??
  • a. Integrated Change Control.
  • b. Monitor and Control Project Work.
  • c. Direct and Manage Project Work.
  • d. Administrative Closure.

Question 7

What is the crashing technique used for??
  • a. Network diagramming
  • b. Schedule compression
  • c. Cost reduction
  • d. Activity sequencing

Question 8

Which of the following best describes a milestone?
  • a. It has a duration of zero .
  • b. It is used to define the phase of a project.
  • c. It has a duration of no more than one day.
  • d. It has value in the Charter but not in the plan.

Question 9

A large, one-year telecommunications project is about half way done when you take the place of the previous project manager. The project involves three different sellers and a project team of 30 people. You would like to see the projects communications requirements and what technology is being used to aid in project communications. Where will you find this information?
  • a. The stakeholder management plan
  • b. The information distribution plan
  • c. The bar chart
  • d. The communication management plan

Question 10

A new call center is being built to support a new product at a satellite Internet company. The company doesn’t have any data associated with the time frames needed to complete a customer order. This data is important because it will help determine the number of employees needed in the call center. The company performs some tests to try to determine how long it will take to complete a customer order. This test data is then incorporated into the projections and planning. What has the company just created?
  • a. Staff acquisition
  • b. Constraints
  • c. Assumptions
  • d. Team development

Question 11

A dependency requiring that design be completed before manufacturing can start is an example of a:
  • a. Discretionary dependency
  • b. External dependency
  • c. Mandatory dependency
  • d. Scope dependency

Question 12

The project schedule that you had submitted to the customer is not acceptable because the product delivery date is two months farther out than what the customer wants. Your company has a deep expertise in the subject area and several more resources are available that can be engaged by the project. What will you do??
  • a. Crash the project schedule.
  • b. Fast track the project schedule
  • c. Estimate activity resources.
  • d. Resource level.

Question 13

Behavioral competencies that include proficiencies in communications skills and conflict resolution are known as:
  • a. Coaching
  • b. Management planning.
  • c. Soft skills
  • d. Training

Question 14

The Project Time Management includes:?
  • a. Plan Schedule Management, Define activities, Sequence Activities, Execute Activities, and Estimate Activity Durations.
  • b. Plan Schedule Management, Define activities, Sequence Activities, Estimate Activity Resources, Estimate Activity Durations, Develop Schedule and Control Schedule.
  • c. Plan Schedule Management, Identify activities, Execute Activities, Activity Results, Develop Schedule and Control Schedule.
  • d. Plan Management, Activities Determination, Activity Duration Estimating, Activities Implementation, and Activity Results.

Question 15

Which of the following describes how a project is?
  • a. Changes in project scope during the initial phases of the project are very expensive
  • b. The influence of the stakeholders is the same all through the project.
  • c. Staffing peaks up during the execution phase of a project.
  • d. The detailed budget can be defined from the beginning of these project

Question 16

A detailed project shcedule can be created only after creating the:
  • a. Project budget
  • b. Work Breakdown Structure
  • c. Project management plan
  • d. Detailed risk assessment

Question 17

The customer has requested a five-week delay on the project while they rebuild a warehouse used for manufacturing a key piece of the project. This delay wasn’t planned, but the project couldn’t continue without it. The company is limited on available resources. This delay will be best shown in what?
  • a. Network diagram
  • b. Responsibility Assignment Matrix
  • c. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • d. Budget

Question 18

The duration of the activity is affected by all of the following EXCEPT:?
  • a. The estimated activity resource requirements.
  • b. The resources assigned to the schedule activity.
  • c. The availability of the resources assigned to the schedule activity.
  • d. The use of Precedence Diagramming Method of scheduling activities instead of using the Critical Path Method (CPM).

Question 19

Which of the following best represents a lag that would be used on a PDM.?
  • a. The Critical Path
  • b. The earliest a new system can be ordered from the manufacturer
  • c. A delay after the sheetrock (wall board) is done in a house to allow it to dry before continuing work in that area
  • d. The latest a new system can be ordered from the manufacturer without delaying the project

Question 20

The following is true about critical chain:?
  • a. It is a technique that allows development of an optimum project schedule when resources are unlimited.
  • b. It is a schedule network analysis technique that modifies the project schedule to account for limited resources.
  • c. It is another name for the bar chart.
  • d. It is primarily used to ensure safety in major construction projects.
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