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Question 1

High school theatre companies earn their income through start-up grants and ticket sales. The graph shows the relationship between income, I, in dollars and number of tickets sold, n. Which statement is true, given the information shown on the graph?
  • Company A always had more income than company B
  • The two companies had the same income when 40 tickets were sold.
  • Company A got a larger start-up grant than Company B.
  • Company A charged more per ticket than Company B.

Question 2

Natasha works for a computer company. The table shows her annual salary in the last five years. If the trend continues, what will Natasha's annual salary be in the 8th year?
  • $40 000
  • $43 200
  • $46 400
  • $49 600

Question 3

A student council is selling tickets to a video dance for $5 each. The cost of the disc jockey and the equipment is $1200. Which of the following graphs represents the relationship between the profit in dollars made by the student council and the number of tickets sold?

Question 4

A computer is expected to decrease in value over time. The relationship between the value, v, of the computer in dollars after t years is written as the following equation: v = -300 t + 2100 A line representing the relationship is graphed. What does the v-intercept of the line represent?
  • The decrease in value per year.
  • The initial value of the computer.
  • The number of years until the value is $0.
  • The number of years the computer will work.

Question 5

A local community group is organizing a skating event. The group decides how much to charge for tickets to the event and then plots a graph to show the relationship between the money they will make from ticket sales and the number of tickets sold. According to the graph, how many tickets must the community group sell in order to make $1500?
  • 200
  • 225
  • 250
  • 275

Question 6

The total cost of printing yearbooks is made up of a fixed setup cost, plus a cost per book. Line A represents the total cost of printing the yearbooks last year. Line B represents the total cost of printing the yearbooks this year. Which statement is true?
  • The fixed setup costs for printing yearbooks last year and this year are the same.
  • The fixed setup cost for printing yearbooks this year is lower than the fixed setup cost last year.
  • The cost per book for printing this year is more than the cost per book for printing last year.
  • The cost per book for printing last year is more than the cost per book for printing this year.

Question 7

Soheila needs to calculate the first differences for the relations below. Which relation will she find is linear?

Question 8

The student council sells lollipops for 10 cents each. They pay 4 cents for each lollipop and spend $10 to advertise the sale. P represents the student council's profit, in dollars, and n represents the number of lollipops sold. Which equation represents the profit?
  • P = 0.06n - 10
  • P = 0.06n + 10
  • P = 10n + 0.06
  • P = 10 + 0.04n

Question 9

Theo plans to purchase a new long-distance telephone plan called the Silver Plan. Under this plan, the telephone company determines the monthly cost using the following charges. The base fee is $30/month, which includes up to 150 minutes of long distance. The cost for all minutes over 150 each month is $0.15/minute. With the Silver Plan, how much will it cost Theo to talk long-distance for 230 minutes over one month?
  • $12.00
  • $34.50
  • $42.00
  • $64.50
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