CKRC Practice Supervisor Marshal Test

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Question 1

How many karts are allowed on the track during one 10 minute track session?
  • 5
  • 8
  • 10
  • 12

Question 2

Are Junior drivers allowed to practice on the track with Senior drivers at a scheduled public Test & Tune?
  • Yes, if there parents are there and they say it is ok
  • No, never under any circumstances
  • Yes, if they never pass each other
  • Yes, if they ask nicely.

Question 3

What type of passing is allowed at a Test & Tune practice session?
  • Bump and run.
  • Late braking, banzai surprise pass.
  • No passing is allowed.
  • Safe non-aggressive passing is allowed.

Question 4

How many times should you see the checkered flag being waved by the T&T Marshal before leaving the track?
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

Question 5

Where should you look for the chassis frame tag issued by CKRC?
  • Steering Column
  • Seat back
  • Left front yoke of chassis main frame tube
  • Driver's wrist

Question 6

The Blue Supervisors flag bin is located in the scale shed and must be used for all T&T sessions. It contains:
  • 1 Red Flag, 1 Yellow Flag, 1 Blue Flag, 1 Green Flag and 1 Chequered flag along with a First Aid kit, Make-up kit, Practice paperwork and Day Membership forms and a Hi Visibility vest.
  • 1 Red Flag, 1 Yellow Flag, 1 Blue Flag, 1 Green Flag and 1 Chequered flag along with a First Aid kit, Fire Extinguisher, Practice paperwork and Day Membership forms and a Hi Visibility vest.
  • 1 Red Flag, 1 Yellow Flag, 1 Blue Flag, 1 Green Flag and 1 Chequered flag along with bug spray, Practice paperwork and Day Membership forms and a Hi Visibility vest.
  • 1 Red Flag, 1 Yellow Flag, 1 Blue Flag, 1 Green Flag and 1 Chequered flag along with a First Aid kit, Fire Extinguisher, Practice paperwork and Day Membership forms and clown shoes.

Question 7

A certified Practice Supervisor must have attained the age of 18. Mature minors who have taken the course may act as:
  • comedy relief for the Principal Supervisor.
  • a crash test dummy.
  • assistants or Second Supervisors in a trainee capacity but cannot be the Principal Supervisor.
  • the supreme practice supervisor.

Question 8

Which of the following are part of your duties as a T&T practice supervisor?
  • Work on your own racing equipment, making sure it is safe for your own use.
  • Talk on your cell phone or with your friends at the track while ignoring the on-track activities.
  • Writing secret notes about the other racers for Fred to read later.
  • Ensure the track is safe (walk the track!) and free of dirt and debris at the beginning and end of the session, and that all equipment is returned to the proper place.

Question 9

Who must sign the insurance waiver?
  • Only the adults
  • Only the drivers
  • Only non-club members
  • Everyone who enters the facility

Question 10

Anyone who does not have a membership card or a chassis tag is considered to be a non-member.
  • True
  • False

Question 11

Where are Minors that do not have a completed Parental Waiver allowed to go?
  • On the race trackIn the Hot pit
  • In the Hot pit
  • Pre-Grid area
  • Paddock area only

Question 12

Why does CKRC have to operate under Practice Supervisor Regulations?
  • To ensure that all members can use the track.
  • So that only members are allowed to use the circuit.
  • To make sure we take any revenue owing.
  • To comply with requirements under our Insurance policy from ASN Canada FIA.

Question 13

Where would you find a current copy of the Practice Supervisor Course?
  • Test and Tune Bin
  • In the ATCO building
  • All of the above

Question 14

When acting as the Practice Supervisor what should you not do?
  • Schedule equal track time for all participants
  • Collect any fees from Non members
  • Leave your post to help wrench on Karts
  • Ensure everyone has signed the waiver

Question 15

How will you know when your session is scheduled for?
  • You will be emailed the date and can check on Google Calendar on the web site
  • Just turn up when you have time
  • Phone the Manager on 403 305 9170
  • It's done in Alphabetical order

Question 16

If you cannot fulfill your commitment date what should you do?
  • Leave a key with a friend
  • Find a replacement that is suitably trained and inform the Manager
  • Post that the circuit is closed on the web site
  • Do nothing as someone will open up and do it

Question 17

What will you need to have present on Pre Grid throughout your duty?
  • A vehicle (without trailer attached)
  • A working Cell phone
  • Fire Extinguisher, first aid kit along with the flag box
  • All of the above

Question 18

To identify yourself as the Practice Supervisor you should always wear
  • A Ball Cap
  • A race suit
  • Hi Visibility safety vest
  • Sunglasses

Question 19

How would you at a quick glance be able to tell if the kart owner is a Club member?
  • The Kart will be fitted with a coloured chassis tag for that current year
  • The Kart will be painted all red
  • The Kart will have the members number on the front panel
  • There is no way of telling who is a member by their Kart

Question 20

If a member or Day member is acting dangerously or in an aggressive way what should you do?
  • Ignore it and everything will be okay
  • Make a note of it and call the Manager the next day
  • Suspend them immediately from the session, tell them to leave the circuit and call the Manager straight away to inform him
  • Get a posse together and confront them in front of their Peers

Question 21

Who is allowed in the Pre Grid area?
  • Spectators and drivers only
  • Family, mechanics and drivers only
  • Anyone that has signed the waiver
  • Driver and one mechanic only

Question 22

If an accident occurs and a person is injured and requires medical aid what action should be taken?
  • Help them off the circuit and pack away their equipment
  • Take them to the Emergency Room in your vehicle
  • Call 911 tell them there is a GO KART accident and direct them to the circuit
  • Do nothing and hope it turns out okay

Question 23

If the grid vehicle is required to attend an incident on track what should you ensure?
  • The session is stopped with a Red flag
  • The first aid kit and fire extinguisher are removed from the T & T box and taken with you
  • The Vehicle is driven in the middle of the circuit and not on the edges
  • All the above

Question 24

After an incident requiring medical attention you should:
  • Collect the signed waiver and if possible fill out an ASN incident report form, Inform the manager immediately and arrange a time and place for him to collect all paperwork
  • Go to the ER and stay with the driver and hand over your duty to someone else
  • Close down the circuit and lock up
  • Call ASN and tell them about it

Question 25

Under what circumstances can the assigned Practice supervisor Run a Kart in a T & T session
  • Only if someone takes over his duty
  • Never
  • In between Junior and Senior sessions
  • Only if he is conducting a lead and follow school session

Question 26

Is it possible for a single person to act as Practice Supervisor and drive alone in a Private session?
  • Yes
  • Depends on the experience of the driver
  • Mid-week sessions only
  • No

Question 27

To what safety standard must a Kart presented for testing comply too?
  • Any as long as it looks OK its fine
  • ASN Book 2 Technical Regulations and Safety Requirements
  • ASN Book 1 Regulations
  • There is no requirement for a safety inspection.

Question 28

If a Kart presented for Testing does not in any way meet the safety requirement what action should be taken?
  • Let them on the circuit just one time
  • Work on the Kart for them to get it up to the required level
  • Confiscate the Kart off them
  • Point out why it does not conform, log it in the no compliance log and inform them they should consult a Kart shop or the Club safety inspectors listed in the Supervisors training package and refuse them access to the circuit

Question 29

Under what circumstances may Juniors and Seniors be on the circuit at the same time?
  • As long as they are strictly supervised
  • Only if the senior is conducting lead and follow in a school environment
  • Only on test days before a Race Day
  • If a Junior is as fast or faster than the seniors

Question 30

A kart owner with a track pass can lend his kart to a friend who has the appropriate knowledge of the rules and Safety equipment, and has completed a one day club membership form to drive in a practice session for no additional fee?
  • True
  • False

Question 31

When taking a practice fee from a non-member you will provide them with a:
  • High five
  • Scratch and win ticket
  • Wrist band
  • Receipt from the blue marshal bin

Question 32

If there is an injury during a T&T practice session the Supervisor must be able to:
  • send smoke signals
  • yell loudly
  • call 911 using a functioning cell phone
  • pack their equipment and leave the facility

Question 33

Which of the following is not required on a kart to be able to participate safely at a T&T session:
  • Full width rear bumper
  • Fully functioning brakes
  • Throttle return spring
  • Long flexible pole with a flag on it

Question 34

If a club member who has taken a track key fails to fulfill their obligation of running ONE T&T sessions or a full day of raceday marshalling will:
  • be excluded from the club championship
  • be shunned by the other club members
  • never appreciate being a club member
  • have their $250 cheque cashed on October 1st

Question 35

Normal driver safety equipment that a Practice Supervisor should make sure every driver has:
  • full face helmet, gloves, race suit or leather jacket, sandals
  • full face helmet, gloves, tank top, big spray, full coverage shoes
  • full face helmet, gloves, race suit or leather jacket, sunglasses
  • full face helmet, gloves, rib protector, race suit or leather jacket, full coverage shoes
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