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Test your Week 1 Knowledge!

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Question 1

True or False - It is possible to have several representatives assisting in the same chat.
  • True
  • False

Question 2

Where would we go if we want to force a download of publisher data into the application for a client?
  • From the client's publisher account.
  • CS App
  • PS App
  • The Marin app.
  • The Almighty Google.

Question 3

What should you do first after taking a case in Salesforce?
  • Call your mom and tell her.
  • E-mail the client.
  • Change the Status to 'In Progress'.
  • Close the case.

Question 4

What are the different methods by which a case can be submitted or submitted for a client? (check all that apply)
  • The 'Ticket' button in the Resolution Center.
  • Chat.
  • Phone.
  • Voicemail.
  • Smoke signals.
  • E-mailing gs_support@marinsoftware.com.

Question 5

Assuming no wireless headset, what should you always remember to do if you need to step away from your desk temporarily? (check all that apply)
  • Change Five9 status to any 'Not Ready' option.
  • Turn off 'Auto Assign' in Bomgar.
  • Buy everyone a round.
  • Log out of your desk phone.
  • Log out of Five9 and Bomgar.

Question 6

What does the CID Watchlist column/field mean, in Salesforce?
  • It lets you know which customers are troublemakers.
  • It lets you know it is a top priority case to be picked up before all other cases.
  • It lets you know the CID is part of another list of CIDs in danger of non-renewing their contracts.

Question 7

What do you do if you see an error or typo in a Marin help article?
  • Tattle on eLearning.
  • Comment directly on the article with your clearly superior version.
  • Fill out KCS notes in Salesforce and link the Zendesk article.
  • Ignore it.

Question 8

Assuming standard configuration, what are the different ways you are informed of an incoming call in Five9? (check all that apply)
  • A pop-up box appears.
  • The 'Answer' and 'Reject' buttons flash on the Five9 interface.
  • Your headset starts ringing.
  • Your desk phone starts ringing.
  • You predict it via psychic powers.

Question 9

For the "Customer Success Center" case record type in Salesforce, what are the mandatory fields to be filled out for INITIALLY CREATING a case?
  • Subject.
  • Contact Name.
  • Closure reason.
  • Client ID #.
  • Symptoms.

Question 10

During a screenshare in Bomgar, what are some extra things you can do with the client?
  • Draw on their screen.
  • Control their mouse.
  • Use a virtual pointer.
  • Access their command shell.
  • Send them a file.
  • Force them to watch Doctor Who with you.

Question 11

What impact does the Priority field have, in Salesforce? (check all that apply)
  • It assists in fostering an impending sense of doom.
  • It alerts potentially critical issues happening with the application or for a client.
  • It determines the case's position in the queue.

Question 12

What do the red and green icons next to representatives' names in the Bomgar interface mean? (note: look at the TV screen if you do not have this window still in Bomgar)
  • The representative is ready to take auto-assigned chats if they are Green.
  • The representative is ready to take auto-assigned chats if they are Red.
  • The representative is logged out if they are Red.
  • The representative is currently on a chat if they are Red.
  • It indicates the representative's preferred Christmas color.

Question 13

What are the two ways clients can submit customer surveys to the CSC?
  • After a case is closed in Salesforce
  • A callback survey through Five9.
  • After closing a chat / screenshare in Bomgar.
  • Via Amazon drones.

Question 14

If customers go to 'help.marinsoftware.com', what determines whether your name is displayed within the list of representatives?
  • By being logged into the Bomgar client.
  • By being logged into 'help.marinsoftware.com/login'
  • By ensuring 'Showing on Representative List' is checked, within Bomgar.
  • Some manner of sorcery.

Question 15

What happens to all cases at the end of the work week?
  • They get deleted.
  • They are changed to the status "Handoff to Weekend"
  • The last person in the office takes all of them on and gets flexing/boasting rights for the following week.
  • Nothing.
  • They get handed off to the next region (APAC) for handling.
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