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Question 1

What steps do you need to take once you've sold Site Lock 911 or Site Lock Fix for a customer that has malware?
  • Tell the customer that there website should be back up in 5 minutes and that they can dial 911 if they have any questions
  • Advise the customer that it usually about 48 hours for the scan and service restoration. If you've sold Site Lock Fix ensure that you've applied it to the proper domain and activated the Firewall/CDN. Track the scan by periodically checking the Site Lock dashboard inside the customer's control panel. Once the SMART scan shows complete you can do either of the following A) Update the malware ticket and inform Compliance team that Site Lock has scanned and removed malware and request rescan or B) Go into the Tier 3 Tech chat room on jabber (PSI) and provide them with an *open* ticket number along with the username and request a malware rescan. The latter option is fastest.
  • Nothing. The process is entirely automated and requires no input on the selling agents part
  • Inform the customers that Site Lock technicians will be arriving at their residence shortly to sweep and destroy any and all malware

Question 2

How much can you discount domain name prices for non-premium domain names?
  • Use the reseller price point for any customer that asks for a discount
  • There's no limit to discount you can offer. It just depends how nice the customer asks.
  • Use the price matrix map to find out what price you can charge based on customer's home or business address
  • We no longer discount domain name discounts unless the customer has an established account with 100+ domain names. However, there are existing customers who already have discounted pricing built into their Domain Central. All other customers should be sold at the normal rate.

Question 3

What is the best way to provide your contact info to a customer so that they can reach you at a later date?
  • Provide your customer with your First and Last name (or last initial if you prefer) and instruct them to tell the agent to search by name. The agent will be able to locate you and see your status (Ready, busy, logged out) and determine whether transfer or callback is appropriate. You can give your extension number as a backup but extension numbers do not show the agent your phone status which can lead to dropped transfers, lost sales and angry customers.
  • Give them your extension number and don't tell them how to use it
  • Give them your personal phone number
  • Give them the number to Burlington and tell them to ask for the Head Cheese

Question 4

How many days, on average, do customers need to wait for the first available appointment slot after purchasing Web Concierge Premium?
  • 3-4 business days
  • 5-7 business days
  • 1 business day
  • There are no appointments. Customers receive a email with a telephone number which they can call 24/7

Question 5

How long does it take for Proserve to begin work on a ticket after a new sale?
  • 1 week
  • 1 business day
  • 2-3 business days
  • 4-6 business days
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