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Passage to Africa - paragraphs 1 & 2


Quiz testing comprehension of the opening paragraphs and how they are used to set the scene for us.
Sarah Holmes
Quiz by Sarah Holmes, updated more than 1 year ago
Sarah Holmes
Created by Sarah Holmes almost 7 years ago

Resource summary

Question 1

Which phrase in the opening paragraph tells us that the problems in Somalia were widespread and not simply confined to this particular village?
  • a thousand hungry, lean, scared and betrayed faces
  • I criss-crossed Somalia
  • hungry, lean scared and betrayed faces
  • there is one I will never forget

Question 2

What is suggested by the highlighted phrases is the extract below. Choose from the drop-down choices.
  • it is very remote and isolated
  • it is a long way to travel
  • it is rural
  • it will be a poor and deprived place
  • The people here have had no help yet
  • The aid agencies don't care
  • It is too far out for anyone to help
  • They have been forgotten about
  • End of civiliation
  • End of the road
  • Out in the country
  • Beyond where he has been before
  • It is primitive
  • It is dirty
  • He is not welcome
  • Vehicles shouldn't go there
  • Everyone is dead
  • It is a unreal place
  • Deserted apart from the dying
  • Like something from a horror film

Question 3

George Alagiah was unprepared for what he would see in Gufgaduud and was shocked by what he found.
  • True
  • False
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