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How closely did you follow the past week in local news?
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Question 1

Richard McGrath says he got a "rude awakening" when his credit bureau told him his credit score had taken a sudden nosedive. According to the Ottawa teacher, what caused it to plunge?
  • An unpaid parking ticket from nearly two decades ago.
  • A $3.50 library fine.
  • Missed rent payments by someone with the same name and birthdate.
  • Late fees for the Pulp Fiction DVD he rented in 1997.

Question 2

Six people had to escape this OC Transpo bus through its roof hatch after it flipped over Sunday evening near which intersection?
  • Leitrim and Bowesville roads.
  • Hazeldean Road and Huntmar Drive.
  • Baseline Road and Centrepointe Drive.
  • Hawthorne and Walkley roads.

Question 3

The Carleton Ravens successfully defended their U Sports women's basketball title last weekend, winning a 70-67 thriller over which opponent, the tournament's top seed?
  • University of Saskatchewan Huskies.
  • Laval Rouge et Or.
  • Queen's University Gaels.
  • University of Calgary Dinos.

Question 4

Which Ottawa athlete who won gold for Canada at the 2016 Olympics announced her retirement this week?
  • Wrestler Erica Wiebe.
  • Tennis player Gabriela Dabrowski.
  • Speed skater Ivanie Blondin.
  • Runner Melissa Bishop-Nriagu.

Question 5

According to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, alcohol consumption was a potential factor in WHICH of the following incidents that happened in September 2021 in Prescott, Ont.?
  • A head-on collision involving two trains.
  • The sinking of a local ferry.
  • A helicopter crash that killed several hydro workers.
  • An explosion on a container ship docked at the town's harbour.

Question 6

Brian Sanderson told CBC this week how his 2016 Nissan Leaf has sat unused in his Wakefield, Que., driveway because it's become "too unreliable" for him to drive. What keeps happening?
  • The electric battery keeps dying.
  • The brakes keep failing.
  • The seatbelts keep disconnecting.
  • The engine keeps overheating.

Question 7

In a report to the environment and climate change committee, city staff said a proposal by Barrhaven West Coun. David Hill to attract more pollinators was unfeasible. Where had Hill wanted to plant flower gardens?
  • On the roofs of bus shelters.
  • At the Rink of Dreams during warmer months.
  • In the parking lots of city arenas.
  • On the backs of some fire trucks.

Question 8

According to Brad Joyce, Kingston's commissioner of infrastructure, transportation and emergency services, what will the eastern Ontario city begin doing in early April?
  • Enforcing a ban on daytime camping in city parks.
  • Offering on-demand transit in two suburban neighbourhoods.
  • Limiting the number of garbage bags residents can set out at the curb.
  • Providing supervised injection services on the grounds of city hall.

Question 9

Class-action lawsuits have been certified by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice against Schlegel, Sienna and four other similar companies. What do those companies do?
  • They provide long-term care.
  • They run plastic surgery clinics.
  • They manufacture weight-loss drugs.
  • They carry out home renovations.

Question 10

The Somerset West Community Health Centre said Friday it would open a temporary supervised drug consumption site outdoors, something that became necessary after WHAT happened more than two weeks ago?
  • Staff began experiencing symptoms like nausea and headaches.
  • A pipe burst and caused severe flooding.
  • The federal government toughened the rules around how indoor sites could operate.
  • A delivery truck crashed through the centre's front window.
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