Physical Geography

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Overview of the Physical Geography Unit of GCSE Geography Higher/Foundation

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Physical Geography
1 Weather and Climate
1.1 The Sonoran Desert
1.1.1 Barely any rain per year
1.1.2 Diverse Plant Life Adapted to Hard life Giant Cactus Collects water and stores it They Grow Slowly 200 Year Life Span!
1.2 Climate Change
1.2.1 Average world air temperature has increased
1.2.2 Earth's Poles have decreased in Size Melted Low proportion of Oxygen 18 isotopes = Warmer Climate The Arctic's ice layer is thinning at a rapid rate
2 Coastal Landscapes
2.1 Happisburg ("Hairs-Bruhh")
2.1.1 Located on the NORTH-NORFOLK Coast
2.1.2 25 Homes Lost.... So far.... Valuable Farmland Lost Local Tourism and Economy has Sufferd No Government money for sea Defences Homes worth £1 on the Market
2.2 Coastal Managment
2.2.1 Hard Engineering Groynes Rip-rap (Stones and Boulders) sea Wall Soft Engineering Beach Managment Managed Retreat
3 Eco-Systems
3.1 Rainforests
3.1.1 Bio-Diversity
3.1.2 Delicate Balance Water and Nutrients are Recycled in the Rainforests Rainfall daily Absorbed by Plants Cloud cover helps the plants below from being Baked! Nutrients are recycled to feed plants and other Life
3.2 Destruction
3.2.1 make room for farming leads to soil Erosion Crops then Die Forests take ages to recover
3.2.2 Forests act as Tourist Hotspots
4 Rock Landscapes
4.1 Igneous rocks are fire formed
4.1.1 Originate from magma Example = Basalt Metamorphic rocks Created/Formed by High Temperatures and Pressure
4.2 Aerial Erosion
4.2.1 Caused Rock Landscapes on Cliffs Biological Weathering Causes Rock to expand and Crumble
5 Glacial Landscapes
5.1 Glaciers leave thick areas of Sediment
5.1.1 Known as 'Drifts'
5.1.2 Particularly thick around the North Norfolk Coast
5.1.3 Material Left behind includes Boulder Clay Outwash
5.2 Ice Ages
5.2.1 Started in the UK, in the Scottish Highlands Scientists are predicting the Next Ice Age By Researching Ice ages that happened in the Past They research glaciers out at sea
6 Natural Hazards
6.1 Hati Earthquake
6.1.1 Carribbean Plate
6.1.2 North American Plate 3 Million people Effected Over 220,000 Deaths
6.1.3 Airport and Port Destroyed Epicentre = Port Au Prince
7 Rivers and water
7.1 Hydraulic Action
7.1.1 Attrition Abrasion Solution High Velocity Rivers Can carry Large sediment and Large Items
7.1.2 Low Velocity Carries small sediment and particles
7.2 Rivers
7.2.1 Provide us with: Energy Food Recreation Transport Routes
7.2.2 1, Upper Course 2, Middle Course 3, Lower Course

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