Forces and Living in Space

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Question 1

Josh has a mass of 37 kg. What is his weight? (Take g = 10 metres per second squared.)
  • A. 37 N
  • B. 370 N
  • C. 370 N s
  • D. Not information provided to answer the question

Question 2

A force is acting on each of the objects in the diagram. What can be concluded about these forces?
  • A They are the same because they point toward the objects.
  • B They are the same because they have the same magnitude.
  • C They are different because they have different magnitudes.
  • D They are different because they have different directions.

Question 3

Two students are pushing a cart, as shown. The cart will move as if it were acted on by a single force with a magnitude of: .
  • A 50 N.
  • B 150 N.
  • C 200 N.
  • D 350 N

Question 4

A ball is dropped from the top of a tall building. As the ball falls, the upward force of air resistance becomes equal to the downward pull of gravity. When these two forces become equal in magnitude, the ball will:
  • A flatten due to the forces.
  • B fall at a constant speed.
  • C continue to speed up.
  • D slow to a stop.

Question 5

Four forces are acting on a box, as shown below. This box will increase in speed
  • A downward and to the left.
  • B downward and to the right.
  • C upward and to the left.
  • D upward and to the right.

Question 6

Which of the following sets contains only objects that shine as a result of reflected light?
  • A moons, planets, and comets
  • B moons, comets, and stars
  • C planets, stars, and comets
  • D planets, stars, and moons

Question 7

John wants to build a racetrack that will allow his toy cars to travel fast when force is applied. Which material should he use?
  • A carpet, because friction will be high
  • B gravel, because friction will be high
  • C plastic, because friction will be low
  • D sandpaper, because friction will be low

Question 8

A magnet is placed near a pile of steel paper clips. Which will most likely occur?
  • A The magnet will provide a balanced force, causing the paper clips to spin in circles.
  • B The magnet will provide an unbalanced force, keeping the paper clips stationary.
  • C The magnet will provide a balanced force, pushing the paper clips away from it.
  • D The magnet will provide an unbalanced force, pulling the paper clips toward

Question 9

Letters A, B, C, and D in the diagram below represent four positions of the Moon in its orbit around Earth. At which Moon position would a person on Earth see the entire lighted half of the Moon (full-Moon phase)?
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Question 10

In a car accident, a seat belt helps prevent injuries by applying a force
  • A less than the force of the moving passenger
  • B greater than the force of the moving car
  • C in the same direction as the car’s motion
  • D in the opposite direction of the passenger’s motion
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